The new project “Shinogono”, collaboration of Virtual Youtuber Project “Niji Sanji” and Sony Music Labels, has started. Tsukino Mito and Honma Himawari from “Niji Sanji” will participate in the project.

“Shinogono” means “let me grumble about it”, using it as a keyword, Tsukino Mito, a school class president who is tsundere but also earnest, and “Honma Himawari” a 11th grade girl who loves games and cats, cooperate and build a project together with fans and staffs while they grumble.

The brand itself is that the Vtubers themselves produce multiple contents include music, and it has been announced that the first song of Tsukino Mito will be directed by Horie Shouta (vocaloid producer name: kemu, PENGUIN RESEARCH) at the first solo event of her “Tsukino Mito Artist Live Improvement Committee” held on Jan. 25.

Music will be created in the live streaming of “Shinogono” on Feb. 6, 2020 at 9:00pm. More information will be posted on the official website.