In an attempt to globalize Japanese music, Sony Music Label, under their “SACRA MUSIC” label, has started the World Anisong Cover Project “WACAVA Project”.
Currently, auditions are open for a cover singer for their first project, a cover of the music of”Sword Art Online”.

As the current age of music streaming has gained popularity internationally, the new project “WACAVA Project” aims to close the distance even further between Japanese produced music and the international market by creating more avenues for Japanese music to gain popularity internationally.

The acronym “WACAVA” stands for “World Anisong Cover Association by Various Artists”.
In order to make Japanese music popular internationally, the project aims to produce and distribute foreign language covers of already popular anime songs that fall under copyright of the “SACRA Music” label.

The first released songs attached to the “SACRA MUSIC” label was an English cover of LiSA’s “Catch the Moment”sung in English by famous YouTuber PelleK who currently boasts over 3,470,000 subscribers, and the Chinese cover of Haruna Luna’s “Overfly” sung by famous singer Shuang Sheng, who has a cumulative of over 10,000,000 followers across all China social platforms.

As a collaboration with “Tokyo Otaku Mode” a company that aims to internationalize Japanese pop culture, there will be various audition events hosted around the globe in search of cover singers.
Starting from “Anime NYC” that was held on Nov. 15 to Nov. 17 in New York, America, the search for the “Japan Insipred Artist” is progressing throughout the world.
As of now, auditions are open from Nov. 13, 2019 until Mar. 31, 2020.