The series “Love Live!” announced a brand new project titled “Virtual School Idol”, which will be launching on 2022 autumn. A teaser PV was released alongside the news.

The “Love Live!” series is a school idol project created under the tagline “A tale we can tell together”.
So far the franchise gave birth various idol units such as “µ’s”, “Amours”, “Nijigasaki High School Idol Club”, and “Leila!”, expanding into a diverse range of multimedia outlets, including TV animes and live shows.
The newly announced project “Virtual School Idol” will have its unit members partaking mainly on livestreams, and from that expanding onto the release of magazines, music CDs, smartphone apps and live events.

This new project will aim to provide fans with new experiences through various platforms, alongside the usual content following the traditional “Love Live!” story-telling format, such as live events.

For the time being information about the new cast is yet to be announced.

(C) Project Love Live!