On Jan. 22, 2020, the singer, LiSA who is a well-known singer for “Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer”'s theme song “Gurren” announced her marriage to a voice actor Suzuki Tatsuhisa
in her Instagram and official website . She wrote letters from her heart, “After I and we considered in our own way, we decided to get marry” .

LiSA updated her Instagram and official website with the single sentence “To my fans who had always supported me” and announced to her fans , “I would like to announce that I am married to Mr. Suzuki Tatsuhisa”.

LiSA continues, ” Mr. Suzuki is the person who will support me greatly when I am lost and sad in my daily life. After I and we considered about our future in our own way, we decided to get marry” .

She also mentioned her enthusiasm toward her future activities, “To everyone who always believes in me and entrusts me with your precious time, I, as LiSA will do my best in delivering the best music and best live so that everyone will have a “Good Day”. Please look forward to it.” Her marriage report ended with her usual sentence “Today is also a good day. Jan. 22, 2020.”.