“Disney’s Twisted Wonderland” and Sony have collaborated to produce a line of wireless headphones and a Walkman, which are available for pre-order at the Sony Store from October 28.

The wireless headphones and Walkman are designed in the image of Knight Raven College, the setting of Disney’s Twisted Wonderland, a smartphone game that features characters inspired by the villains of Disney’s films (Villains).

The wireless stereo headset WH-XB700 is a compact model that delivers powerful, deep bass.
The left side of the housing is engraved with the Knight Raven College emblem, while the right side of the housing can be engraved with one of seven dormitory designs (Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde, and Diasomnia).
The product itself will be delivered in its original packaging.

The Walkman(R) NW-A55 is a high-quality music player that can play high-resolution audio files as well as compressed audio files such as MP3s. It also supports LDAC for high-resolution* wireless music playback via Bluetooth(R).
LDAC is a codec technology certified by the Japan Audio Society as “Hi-Res Audio Wireless. (When transmitting high-resolution content at a transmission speed of 990 kbps)

On the back of the unit, you can engrave one of the designs on the back of each dormitory (“Heartslabyul Dormitory”, “Savanaclaw Dormitory”, “Octavinelle Dormitory”, “Scarabia Dormitory”, “Pomefiore Dormitory”, “Ignihyde Dormitory”, or “Diasomnia Dormitory”), and you can also choose to engrave the name of a student from each dormitory in the center of the back of the unit.
The product will be delivered in its original packaging.

In addition, as a bonus for both the headphones and Walkman “Disney Twisted Wonderland” Edition, one sticker with the original design will be given to each purchaser at the “Sony Store” for each product. The stickers can be affixed to the headphones, Walkman(R), or wherever you like.

The “Wireless Stereo Headset WH-XB700 ‘Disney’s Twisted Wonderland’ Edition” will be priced at 20,000 JPY (tax included). The Walkman(R) NW-A55 ‘Disney’s Twisted Wonderland’ Edition will be priced at 25,000 JPY (excluding tax). Pre-orders are currently available at Sony Store and other stores, and the product will be delivered in late December 2020 (in the case of ANIPLEX+).

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