A virtual YouTube project with a “story” in it, “Dear My Patron!” will be released on the official YouTube channel in October 2020. In addition, the key visual and concept movie have been released.

“Dear My Patron! is a story of the “Patoracers” with two heroes being depicted, “The One Who Connects Talents” (Patron) and “The One Who Has Talent” (Sugar), these two heroes come together as one.
In order to rekindle people's hearts, the “Patoracers” will begin their activities.

The anime, which will be distributed on the official YouTube channel, contains the main story of the main character Asahi and Ryouya, and side stories that show the daily life of each character.
Character design will be done by illustrator Natsuko and character songs will be produced by Arte Refact.

The distribution of the anime “My Dear Patron!” will start in October on the official YouTube channel.