A stage event featuring the main cast of “Dr.STONE”, which are Kobayashi Yuusuke (voice of Ishigami Senkuu), Furukawa Makoto (voice of Oki Taiju), Nakamura Yuichi (voice of Shishiou Tsukasa), Numakura Manami (voice of Kohaku), Satou Gen (voice of Chrome), and Kawanishi Kengo (voice of Asagiri Gen), was held at “Jump Festa 2020” on Dec. 22, 2019. They talked about the trailer of upcoming 2nd season, new details of the sequel, and other topics.

The event begins with the “Mini Original Live” where the cast reproduced some famous scenes of the original manga with realistic acting. The audience can't wait to take the seats for the great show. After that, during the “This is so exciting! TV Anime 2nd season production decided”, a trailer of the sequel depicting Senkuu, Chrome, and Gen exchanging their fists with each other is revealed.

Talking about the highlights of the 2nd season, Furukawa picks up the reunion of Taiju and Yuzuriha after 1 year. Also, he comments on the scene of Senkuu and Taiju talking on the phone; “I really like the scene where the impressed Taiju shouts the name of Senkuu”.
About the fight “STONE WARS” where Senkuu and the others will challenge against the Empire of Might, Nakamura said “The real war begins from the 2nd season. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of end is waiting for us”.

The event was continue with various production related corner such as the experiments and expositions of how to make a Senkoudama (flash bomb).
In addition, the opening theme “Good Morning World!” was performed by the artist BURNOUT SYNDROMES, a special guest of the show. When the powerful singing voice resounds on the stage, the audience responds to it clapping to the beat, creating a new musical performance all together.

In the middle of the excitement at the production-related corners, messages to the fans from the original author Inagaki Riichiro and Boichi were also revealed. At the same time, the cast members gave their thanks bringing the event to its conclusion.

<All the comments are posted below>
[Ishigami Senkuu: Kobayashi Yuusuke]
I was worried about it because is a character that I had never seen before. However, I was able to get it done with the power I received from everyone. I will do my best with my whole heart in the 2nd season as well.

[Oki Taiju: Furukawa Makoto]
During the 1st season, Taiju and the others appeared only in the first half. Surprisingly they appeared again in the last episode, so I think they will return in the 2nd season with Senkuu and the others as well. I will work hard and give my best as I did before.

[Shishiou Tsukasa: Nakamura Yuichi]
After reading the manga, I'm worried about my character Tsukasa. I'm glad to play him once again, but at the same time I have some mixed feelings. Hope you will enjoy the manga as well.

[Kohaku: Numakura Manami]
I feel very comfortable to work in this team. I'm also very happy about the 2nd season release. Hope to receive your support as always!

[Chrome: Satou Gen]
I'm so glad to be part of this production. I was happy when they told me I got the role of Chrome. As a co-worker, it is a great that I am able to push forward together with my role.

[Asagiri Gen: Kawanishi Kengo]
If you read the magazine “Shounen Jump”, you will find the story development in the next chapters interesting. Enjoy the manga and don't forget to watch the anime!

(C) Kome Studio・Boichi/Shueisha・Dr.ST