New Year's cards with exclusive voice messages and photos from 14 male voice actors such as Inoue Kazuhiko, Ono Yuki, Kaji Yuki and Konishi Katsuyuki will soon be available for purchase.

Other names are Komatsu Shohei, Sato Takuya, Taniyama Kisho, Nogami Sho, Hatanaka Tasuku, Hama Kento, Masumoto Takuya, Masuyama Takeaki, Murase Ayumu, and Yashiro Taku. For each of the male voice actors, 3 different type of New Year's card with voice messages were prepared..

By dialing a secret telephone number written on the back of the card, the pre-recorded voice messages will be played through an automatic return call. The premise of this is to provide a make-believe experience to the fans as if they were receiving an actual call from their favorite voice actors by registering the number in their contact list.

Those who dial the secret number and receive the voice message call until Jan. 13, 2020 will have the chance to receive special prizes including a real telephone call with the voice actors, a signed autograph board with the person's name, and an exclusive special edition of the New Year's card. Other details can be seen in the "37card" official Twitter account.

"New Year's cards with voice messages" are now avaible for pre-order at "37card"'s webshop.