To celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Ultraman Zero", a new TV series called "Ultraman Chronical ZERO & GEED", a selection of the battles of Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Geed, will broadcast from Jan. 11, 2020. Asakura Riku (played by Hamada Tatsuomi), who transforms into Ultraman Geed , and other characters will appear in the show as navigators.

It has been 10 years since Ultraman Zero debuted as Ultra Seven's son. Following the success and the increasing popularity of the father and son hero pair,
"Ultraman Chronical ZERO & GEED" is a selection of Zero's battles from all of the series he appeared in. The show will also have battles of Ultraman Geed, the hero that fought alongside Zero against Ultraman Belial, his own father who turned evil.

"Ultraman Chronical ZERO & GEED" will be broadcast at 9 am every Saturday on the 6 stations of TV Tokyo and online, starting from Jan. 11, 2020.
In celebration of the 10th anniversary of "Ultraman Zero", many other announcements are to be expected.

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