"TSUBURAYA Walker", a book that covers Tsuburaya Production's classic Tokusatsu works such as the "Ultraman" series to present projects such as "SSSS. GRIDMAN" has been released.
This book covers the past to the future of Tsuburaya Production with content such as interviews with Tsukagoshi Takayuki (the production's chairman and CEO) and directors and main casts from Tsuburaya works.

"TSUBURAYA Walker" contains introduction on the over 50 years long history of the "Ultraman" series, from "Ultra Q" to the latest TV series "Ultraman Taiga".
In addition, the book has information on the classic Tokusatsu works ( "Mirror Man", "Fire Man", etc.) to present projects ( "ULTRAMAN ARCHIVES", "DARKNESS HEELS", "SSSS. GRIDMAN", etc.).

The interviews are with; Tsukagoshi Takayuki (Tsuburaya Production's chairman and CEO), Sakamoto Koichi (Director of "Ultra Galaxy Fight" ), Inoue Yuuki (Main cast of "Ultraman Taiga" ), Sakurai Hiroko (Cast of "Ultra Q" and "Ultraman" ), Tsuruno Takeshi (Main cast of "Ultraman Dyna" ), and Hamada Tatsuomi (Main cast of "Ultraman Geed" ). They talk about the path Tsuburaya Production has taken in the 20th and 21st century and the future path they will march on.

This book also includes information about "TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2019", the largest festival held by Tsuburaya Production that will be held at Tokyo Dome City on the 14th and 15th of Dec. 2019, and tips to enjoy the 「Fictional Science "Lair of Kaiju" Experiential Entertainment」. It is a must-buy for fans.

The "TSUBURAYA Walker" is now on sale, priced at 1,650JPY (tax included).

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