An advanced screening of the "Haikyu!!" OVA "Haikyu!! Land vs Sky" was held in United Cinemas Aquacity Odaiba, Tokyo on Nov. 30, preceding its release on Jan. 20, 2020..
After the screening, a talk show was held with the captain of Nohebi Academy, Daisho Suguru's voice actor Okitsu Kazuyuki and Nekoma High School, Haiba Lev's voice actor Ishii Mark .

Okitsu was first announced to be a cast member during the festival prior to 『 Haikyu!! 』 day held on Aug. 18, this was the first time he appeared in a 『 Haikyu!! 』 event as a surprise guest.
When asked about his thoughts on joining the recording for the anime, he commented, "It was really fun!”. After watching the video, he said, “I felt that he (Daisho) is a sly guy. (Laugh)" and got a laugh from the audience. When asked about his impression on his character, Daisho, he explained, "Winning is the most important thing to him. He will show off his charm just enough to give a good impression to the referee."Ishii, on the other hand, returned from his last appearance in the second season. He said "It's my honor to return as Lev again. The other cast told me how Lev had grown up and it made me happy to be able to share his progress with others." when asked about his feelings of Nekoma's players getting together again.

Furthermore, the contents of the latest OVA 『 Land vs Sky 』, which was just screened, were also mentioned and they were asked about their respective favorite scenes for the talk show.
The scene that Okitsu chose was when Daisho appeared in front of Kuroo from the Nekoma team. “This is a scene where you can feel the arrival of the strongest rival. We (together Kuroo's voice actor Nakamura Yuuichi) matched our breath perfectly with each other and managed to finish it in one take.“ is a comment from Okitsu in regards to his thoughts on the recording.
For Ishii, he had selected the scene of Lev and Shibayama. " I voiced him while thinking about Lev's seriousness which is a rare sight up until now.” which was Ishii thoughts of the recording.

Other than that, when they were asked, “Which scene did you have difficulties with during the recording for the OVA? “ which was obtained from the official Twitter. Okitsu answered, " It was difficult for me to change the feeling as I had to do a feint while faking the feeling of hitting a spike with all my might." regarding the feint shown by Daisho.
When asked about their favorite characters, Ishii immediately replied, " Bokuto from Fukurodani Academy.” and all the audiences shouted the line,” Hei Hei He~i ", which Bokuto said after performed the spike, together.

For the last part, Okitsu called out, “I want them to try their best to defeat Nekoma High School with all they have. Please look forward to their fateful battle! ". Ishii said, “It would make me happy if you can see my growth together with Lev's growth. I hope you will enjoy the new TV series, Starting in Jan. and the OVA! ".
After that, the event had ended in the midst of success after all the audience shouted, "Thank you for the hard work!" which is a norm for 『 Haikyu!! 』 events.

The OVA 『 Haikyu!! Land vs Sky 』 will be on sale from Jan. 20, 2020. It was decided that it will be sold in advance in the TOHOanimation booth during the “Jump Festival 2020 " that will be held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba on Dec. 21 to Dec. 22.

(C)Furudate Haruichi/Shueisha・「 Haikyu!! 」 Production Committee ・MBS