Nov. 25 is Nakai Kazuya's birthday.

Nakai Kazuya first debuted in the 1990's and in 2019, he had voiced the main character for 『RobiHachi』, 『Fire Force』 etc. Other than anime, he is also actively involved in tokusatsu and variety shows as the narrator. His challenge to be a virtual Youtuber as part of the 『One Piece』project had become a hot topic as well.

Thus, in order to celebrate Nakai Kazuya's birthday, Anime!Anime! had conducted a reader survey, which was conducted last year also, on 「Your most favorite character by Nakai Kazuya is? 」. The survey was held from Nov. 11 until Nov. 18 where a total of 361 responses were obtained.
The male to female ratio is 10% male while 90% is female where the majority are female. For the age, around 30% is under 19 years old while 35% is in their twenties where the majority are youngsters.

■Hijikata Toshiro remain the champion for two consecutive years!
The first place is Toshiro Hijikata from 『Gintama』. The supporting rate is approximately 43% and remain the champion from last year.

There is comment about his voice as the vice-commander of Shinsengumi, Hijikata which was 「His ability to change his voice during the serious part and the funny part is amazing!」. The other comments received are 「During the sex change episode, all the voice for others character was voiced by voice actress but the fact that Nakai remain voicing the female Hijikata was funny.」, 「I admire his ability to voice Gin with Gin's usual tone during the episode where Hijikata had switched body with Gin.」 and 「I had completely fallen for Hijikata's famous line “I want to make the girl I fallen for happy”.」 and his ability to interchange between the hard line and moderate line of the character was the reason for the popularity of this character.

The second place goes to Roronoa Zoro from 『One Piece』. The supporting rate is approximately 20% and his standing remain the same as last year.
The comments received were 「When we talked about Nakai, it will be Zoro. Despite being a cool character, his unexpected poor sense of direction is quite cute」 and 「I can feel a sense of history as shown in his deeper voice, growing steadily overtime together with Zoro」 which is his long years of voicing Zoro that lead to a higher rank. There was also a comment 「By saying, "he is Zoro" even those who don't know anime will understand as if Zoro is his representative」 where the fact that the character is someone everyone known is also one of the factor.

The third place is Date Masamune from 『Sengoku BASARA』. The supporting rate is approximately 7%.
The comment received regarding Date Masamune who claimed to be the leader of Oshu, were 「His English pronunciation that can only be pronounced by Nakai was the best」 and 「Despite the strong character setting, it is possible to feel the charm of a handsome guy as well」 where the setting of the daring arrangement of an actual general cause it to be popular. Comments such as 「His strength and coolness that inspire people to follow him anywhere, his loneliness and listlessness that appears occasionally which makes me want to support him are his appealing points」 which shown the impact of this character allowing him to obtain a high ranking.

■Let's introduce other commentary
The comments regarding Fukumoto from 『Joker Game』 were 「He splendidly voiced the unfamiliar spy with his voice only」and 「His splendid voice acting of Fukumoto when he is disguised as others 」.
While the comments for Akitaru Obi from 『Fire Force』 was 「He is caring, places importance on life and has the resolve to handle his team and to handle people directly. I believe that his voice is suitable for this sincere character.」.

For Mugen from 『Samurai Champloo』, the comment was 「I think that the vulgar Mugen fit very well with Nakai's parched voice. Even his manly odor was also cool.」.
Comments such as 「Despite being a jerk, he is quite caring toward his juniors when thing get tough.」 and 「I like the well suited role despite the clash between the character's carefreeness and Nakai's seriousness.」 was received for Zapp Renfro from 『Kekkai Sensen』.

There was also votes received for works such as 『Joker Game』 and 『Noein: To Your Other Self』, where the character personality are totally different, it seem there the difference character personality are one of the point of attention for most fans. The below are the top 20 characters. Do check out on this.

■Top 20 ranking
[Your most favorite character by Nakai Kazuya is? 2019 version]
1st Hijikata Toshiro 『Gintama』
2nd Roronoa Zoro 『One Piece』
3rd Date Masamune 『Sengoku BASARA』
4th Fukumoto 『Joker Game』
5th Zapp Renfro 『Kekkai Sensen』
6th Akitaru Obi『Fire Force』
7th Karasu 『Noein: To Your Other Self』
7th Imayoshi Shouichi 『Kuroko's Basketball』
7th Mugen 『Samurai Champloo』
10th Ultraman Max『Ultraman Max』
10th Shibusawa Tatsuhito 『Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE』
10th Soma Schicksal 『God Eater』
13th Aragaki Shinjiro 『PERSONA3 THE MOVIE』
13th Iago Haakana 『Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative』
13th Owada Mondo『Danganronpa: The Animation』
13th Land Pollution Vice-Minister Hiramechimedes 『Engin Sentai Go-onger』
13th Xiahou Dun 『Dynasty Warriors』
13th Garu 『Space Sentai Kyuranger』
13th Eustace 『Granblue Fantasy』
13th Robby Yaji『RobiHachi』

(Survey Period:Nov. 11 to Nov. 18, 2019)