October 13th is Onosaka Masaya’s birthday.

Onosaka Masaya made his debut in the 1980s. Since then, he has performed as a multitude of characters. He continues to be a long-running radio personality, and has won “Best Personality” the 4th Seiyu Awards.
In 2017, he opened his YouTube channel, “Onosaka Masaya☆New Young TV,” and participates actively as a youtuber. On November 9th, 2019, the usual event “Onosaka・ Ueda Talk Live” will be held with Ueda Yuuji.

Here on Anime!Anime!, we’ve continued the “Who’s your favorite character role?” reader’s survey from last year to add to Ososaka Masaya’s birthday festivities. The survey ran from October 1st through October 8th, and collected results from 65 people.
Voter demographics were approximately 55% male and 45% female, almost close in numbers. The age range of 19 under made up approximately 35%, age range of 20s made up 35%, with the younger population taking the majority.

■At the top is Momoshiro Takeshi from **Tennis no Oujisama** (**Prince of Tennis**) with a big change in rank from last year!
First place goes to Momoshiro Takeshi from **Tennis no Oujisama.** He took 20% of the votes.
Momoshiro Takeshi is a tennis player from Seishun Academy. Comments of “he’s a character who always carries the brightness of an older brother. Though we saw his negative parts when he was dropped from being a regular, it was awesome to see him return to being his bright self and pulling along everyone after that,” and “I think of him when you say Onosaka! He and the character fit together perfectly” give support to this friendly and respected upperclassman.

Second place goes to Kinniku Mantarou (Kid Muscle) from **Kinnikuman** (**Ultimate Muscle**). He took 15% of the votes.
Son of the superhero Kinniku Suguru, Kinniku Mantarou received comments of “he is lecherous, prone to joking, and funny,” and “he was super cool with his Muscle Millennium and Muscle Gravity finishing moves.” Through the voters were relatively young, voices like “although I read the manga of **Kinnikuman**, the anime marked the beginning of the second generation” rose up.

Third place goes to Azazel of **Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san** (**You’re Being Summoned, Azazel-san**). He took 8% of the votes.
The low-class devil Azazel was called “who I think of when you say Onosaka! I really believe this is the role that best suits him,” and “he wouldn’t be the same without this role.” Onosaka also draws out his high-spirited Kansai accent in this unique character. This problem child with cute looks made it to the top three.

■Here’s the rest of the comments!
**TRIGUN** ‘s Vash the Stampede: “though he gives off the impression of only being “someone who pushes their luck” with his conduct and behavior, there’s more to this character. He inadvertently reveals his serious face and feelings, and unrivaled kindness, and above all, his strength is awesome! I really love Onosaka Masaya for all these reasons.”

**MÄR -MÄR Heaven** ‘s Nanashi: “As the boss of the Thief Guild, he is kind and strong. Furthermore, I love it when he acts for the sake of others before himself.”

**Dragon Quest XI Sugisarashi Toki wo Motomete S** (**Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age S**) ‘s Sylvando: “I know Onosaka is just acting, but he is totally a flamboyant hunk! His voice just sticks and I love it,” — the character who speaks with a feminine flair also received votes.

The next page contains all characters who received votes. Even non-human characters have been gathered. Be sure to take a look!

■Top 10 Ranking
“Who’s your favorite character role by Onosaka Masaya? 2019 Edition”
1. Momoshiro Takeshi **Tennis no Oujisama**
2. Kinniku Mantarou **Kinnikuman II Sei** (**Ultimate Muscle Second Generation**)
3. Azazel **Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san**
4. Vash the Stampede **TRIGUN**
5. Nanashi **MÄR -MÄR Heaven**
5. Hirako Shinji **BLEACH**

(Voting Period: October 1st 2019 ~ October 8th 2019)

■All Characters who Received Votes
“Who’s your favorite character role by Onosaka Masaya? 2019 Edition”
Momoshiro Takeshi **Tennis no Oujisama**
Kinniku Mantarou **Kinnikuman II Sei** (**Ultimate Muscle Second Generation**)
Azazel **Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san**
Vash the Stampede **TRIGUN**
Nanashi **MÄR -MÄR Heaven**
Hirako Shinji **BLEACH**
Ikawa Tsuyoshi **Tsuyoshi Shikkari Shinasai** (**Get a Grip, Tsuyoshi!**)
Kerberos (True Form) **Cardcaptor Sakura**
Sylvando **Dragon Quest XI Sugisarishi Toki wo Motomete S**
ZanRyuJin **Madan Senki Ryukendo** (**Magic Bullet Chronicles Ryukendo**)
Zelos Wilder **Tales of Symphonia**
Don Patch **Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo**
France **Hetalia Axis Powers**
Micchy **Youkai Watch Shadowside**
Alessi **Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders** (**JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Stardust Crusaders**)
J.D. **Neo Angelique**
Spandam **One Piece**
Hajime Obi **Gintama**

(Voting Period: October 1st 2019 ~ October 8th 2019)