The anime movie, 「HUMAN LOST No Longer Human」 had a complete screening event and greeting session at 「Tokyo International Film Festival 2019」. Those who appeared during the event are Hanazawa Kana, who voiced Hiiragi Yoshi, Director Kizaki Fuminori and Ubukata Tow who was in charge of the screenplay. During the greeting session, various information such as the development process of this works that were daringly modified from Dazai Osamu’s, 「No Longer Human」 and the release of the latest key visual had attracted the attention of the audience.

「HUMAN LOST No Longer Human」 is a Science Fiction anime movie which is full of madness and dark hero action modified from Dazai Osamu’s, 「No Longer Human」 where the original works is about the life of a self-destructive guy.
Under the Director Kizaki Fuminori who worked on 「Afro Samurai」,supervised by Motohiro Katsuyuki, screenplay is written by Ubukata and the animation production is by Polygon Pictures.

The greeting session was started with applause, the first to appear was Hanazawa, in a lovely white dress, who greeted everyone with a smile and said, “Thank you all for coming over today.” After Director Kizaki and Ubukata had come on stage, the session ended.

On top of revealing that her major was Japanese Literature during her university time, Hanazawa also revealed that she had liked 「No Longer Human」 from a long time ago and also commented, ” I am very happy that I am able to be involved in this ‘now’. Since I am not able to predict how it (the movie) will be depicted, I am excited to see how it will be drawn out.” This confirms that she is waiting to see the completion of this work.

Moreover, Director Kizaki reminisced, “I thought that it would be quite interesting if we combined Classical Literature with SF.” While smiling, he said, “I thought that this can’t be done by using ordinary methods, but when I heard that Ubukata wouldw join, ‘It can be done somehow'” popped up in my mind.”

On the other hand, Ubukata smiled wryly while saying, “I can’t remember since it too complicated.” Based on Ubukata, there are two points that he had thought of for this story and he revealed the foundation of the script. “First, the title 「No Longer Human」 is about a world where all humans were disqualified which become the main point for the SF part. The second is the story telling about a world where there is no death and in fact, it is about how death emerged.”

Furthermore, when being asked about the “amazing” points of this works that was daringly modified from Dazai Osamu’s 「No Longer Human」, Hanazawa replied, “The old men are scary.” Director Kizaki replied, “Other than the view of the world, it was the depiction on the ‘strange parts’ of Japan that foreigners always saw.” And for Ubukata, ” The bike scene which is a homage for 『AKIRA』.”

Lastly, the audience was surprised and voices of admiration could be heard when the latest key visual was revealed on the screen. The design gave a totally new impression from those that had been revealed in the past.