『HUMAN LOST』, an anime film which is a dynamic remake of Osamu Dazai’s 『No Longer Human』 had just released its visuals and preview. The release date was decided on November 29, and will be exhibited as a special invitation work for the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival, which begins on October 28.

The anime film『HUMAN LOST』is a reconstruction of the piece of literary that explores a deep disposition in life which continues to hold a strong impact till this day titled 『No Longer Human』with Katsuyuki Motohiro as the supervisor, Fuminori Kizaki as the director, Tow Ubukata as the screenwriter and Polygon Pictures in charge of the lineup reproduction animation production. The film is set in Showa Year 111, Tokyo, where “death” was overcame by a medical revolution, a near future Sci-Fi film depicting the drug-filled life of a guy named “Oba Yozo”while being tossed around by fate.

The preview that was released this time is a vivid action packed video copy of “Human is utterly lost”. Illustrating Oba Yozo turning into a “Oni” after drowning in despair.

The movie 『HUMAN LOST』 will be released nationwide from November 29. Furthermore, advance movie tickets will be available for sale from September 20 along with metallic stickers attached with character voices (4 random types) voiced by Mamoru Miyano and others will be available as exclusives.

Draft:From Osamu Dazai’s「No Longer Human」
Director:Fuminori Kizaki
Supervisor:Katsuyuki Motohiro
Story Draft・Screenwriter:Tow Ubukata
Character Design:Yuusuke Kozaki
Concept Art:Kenichiro Tomi(INEI)
Graphic Design:Tatsuya Kuwahara
CG Supervisor:Takuma Ishibashi
Animation Director:Hiroshi Otake
Art Director:Shigemi Ikeda/ Yukiko Maruyama
Color Design:Hironori Noji
Photographer:Shouzou Hirabayashi
Acoustic Director:Yoshikazu Iwanami
Music:Yuga Kanno
Animation Production:Polygon Pictures
Distribution:TOHO Visual Division
Main Theme:m-flo「HUMAN LOST feat. J. Balvin」(rhythm zone/LDH MUSIC)

Oba Yozou:Mamoru Miyano ※The zou in Oba Yozou is the formal notation of the old font
Hiragi Yoshiko:Kana Hanazawa
Masao Horiki:Takahiro Sakirai
Takeichi:Jun Fukuyama
Shibuta:Kenichiro Matsuda
Atsugi:Rikiya Koyama
Madam:Miyuki Sawashiro
Tsuneko:Haruka Chisuga
(C)2019 HUMAN LOST Project