The Machida City, Tokyo PR anime 「START」, which features the voice actor Fukuyama Jun, was released. We also received comments from both Fukuyama and KEN THE 390, the hip hop artist who was involved in the ending song, 「Start」.

The PR anime 「START」 begins with the protagonist who went shopping as requested by his wife who, on a whim, visits Machida, where he had stayed during his time in university. When he revisits Machida again with his family, he comes to a new realization… of sorts.

This PR anime highlights some of Machida's local hotspots, including the sceneries of the Grandberry Park and Child Center in southern Machida. The story is by the writer Katsuse Masahiko, who is currently residing in Machida City, and the protagonist is voiced by Fukuyama Jun.

Moreover, the ending song 「Start」 was specifically written for this animation project.
This song is the first collaboration between the hip hop artist, KEN THE 390, who was born in Machida City, and Fukuyama.
The sound producer is the hugely popularkeyboardist Kan Sano, and this positive hip hop tune was completed with the rapping part by KEN THE 390 and singing part by Fukuyama Jun.

The Machida City, Tokyo PR anime 「START」 can be viewed on the 「ponycanyon」 channel in YouTube and others.