Irino Miyu, the voice actor of [Mr. Osomatsu]'s Todomatsu and [Midnight Occult Civil Servants]'s Himezuka Theo to name a few, has released his first calendar: [Irino Miyu's London Trip Diary 2020]. You can freely choose from all 52 photos to make your very own calendar.

[Irino Miyu's London Trip Diary 2020] this time is a visit to memories of London, England published in [Voice Newtype No.072] and [KIKI by VOICENewtype] which are serialized in [Miyu Irino's London Trip Diary] for a short while. 2 types of calendars are available: an [A3 ring calendar] with big enjoyable photos or a [desk calendar] with case which is easy to put around the desk.

Also, the 12 photos for the calendar from January to December can be chosen from those published in [Voice New Type] magazine, from the 6 WEB series and from52 photos including unpublished ones. Choose you favorite ones and enjoy "your very own calendar."

[Irino Miyu's London Trip Diary 2020] is now on sale. The [A3 ring calendar] is priced at 3000 yen (excluding taxes) and the [desk calendar] is priced at 1800 yen (excluding taxes). In addition, postcards with photos not included in your calendar will be included as presents for purchases beforeDec. 31, 2019.

Product Details
・A3 ring calendar … Price: 3000 yen + tax, Size: 297mm X 420mm / 13 sheets
・Desk Calendar … Price: 1800 yen + tax, Size: 137mm X 118mm / 13 sheets / including case
*For either product, the cover photo is fixed and cannot be changed. Please be warned.
*Extra shipping costs are required.

shot by CHISATO HIKITA (C)MIYU irino 2018-2019  (C)KIKI by VOICENewtype