“Anime Tamago 2020”, also known as the “Agency for Cultural Affairs Young Animator Training Project 2019” is being held this year as well. Key visuals, stories, and the first staff members from the works “Ometeotoru≠HERO”, “Rebecca”, and “Michiru Rescue!” are currently being announced by their respective production groups.

“Anime Tamago 2020”, alias of “Young Animator Training Project”, was commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs since 2010 to foster talented animators who will lead the future of the industry through OJT, with the aim of promoting and developing animation in Japan.
In 2019, three production groups, including an animation studio, participated. Through the production of short anime works and learning courses, young people, who are in charge of the creative work of Japanese animation production in the 21st century, continue to study and improve their skills every day.

“Ometeotoru≠HERO” is a 3DCG work produced by Speed ​​under the direction of Awazu Jun.
In 22XX, with a sudden decrease in the human population, various allied species coming from other planets are invited to populate the Earth. As a result, new mixed races with special abilities began to be born, causing ecosystems to be machined at an accelerating rate where the plants and animals are being excluded.
Among them, a special tribe who can manipulates plants has been exterminated, but only one of them survives and try to accomplish the mission to cover the earth with forests. The protagonist named Yuki, born from his father, member of the Hero tribe, and his mother with the ability to manipulate plants, gains the skills of both tribes, and he asks himself who should he help and who should he fight.

” Rebecca” is a work by Vega Entertainment, directed by Teramoto Yukiyo. The story is set in a rural town in Maine, USA, at the end of the 19th century.

Rebecca, a cheerful and energetic 10-year-old girl born as the second of seven siblings, is forced to be left with her two aunts, Miranda and Jane, after her father's death caused pain and suffering to the family.
Rebecca loves her gentle aunt Jane, but inevitably shrinks in front of Miranda with her strict and nagging behavior. One day, Rebecca was accused by Miranda of wearing a pink dress made by Jane without permission. At that time, she was insulted about his deceased father, making her explode in anger and leaving the house…

“Michiru Rescue!” is a work produced by Yumeta Company, and directed by Ochi Koujin.
When four glowing orbs of different colors (blue, yellow, silver, and purple) fly through space chasing after a red-black orb, they end up hitting each other, causing only the blue sphere to fall to the earth and reach the room where the main character, Michiru, sleeps. On the other hand, the red-black orb also appears on the earth turning itself into a boy, and start to raise Mejiro birds illegally.
One day, Michiru is at a flea market in a park, when a large flock of Mejiro birds appear over the sky and start attacking people. The yellow, silver, and purple orbs show up and try to calm down the flock of Mejiro, but their chirp is relentless. At that moment, a voice resounds inside Michiru's head telling her to save the Mejiro…

In addition, “Anime Tamago 2020” has released the first PV footage on YouTube. Look forward to further news!