「Uramichi Oniisan」,the manga won 1st place of Web Manga Award in the 3rd 「Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards(Next hit Manga Awards)」, will be getting an anime adaptaioin. Kamiya Hiroshi, Sugita Tomokazu, Nakamura Yuichi, Miyano Mamoru, and Mizuki Nana will all be part of the casts. Also Kuze Gaku, original author, provided comments and an anime commemoration illustration.

Kuze Gaku’s 「Uramichi Oniisan」 is originally serialized in the WEB Manga magazine site 「comic POOL」, as a “sad human praise that sends off adults that were once “good kids.”
The man in charge of the gymnastics section of the educational program 「Maman-to-Together」, Omota Uramichi (31 years old), has a refreshing personality, but is emotionally unstable. Could it be unavoidable for good children to be put off by the glimpses of the darkness of adults they see in this “Uramichi Oniisan…?”

The original comics have sold over one million copies. This manga won 1st place in the third Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards in the Web Manga category, and 1st place in the 「2017 WEB Manga General Election」 in the Indies category. Additionally, it won 2nd place on Anime!Anime!’s 「For which manga do you want to be animated? 【Ongoing Works version】」.

With the announcement of this anime adaptation, the 4th volume will be released on Oct. 29 , 2019, as said in the announcement PV.
The cast will be the same as those announced in the comics-release-commemorative PV: Kamiya Hiroshi as Omota Uramichi, Sugita Tomokazu as Usahara Tobikichi, Nakamura Yuichi as Kumitani Mitsuo, and Miyano Mamoru as Daga Iketeru. And it was newly found that Mizuki Nana will act as Tadano Utano.

Black humor shown in this young, gymnastics-performing man who lives in a stressful society- we have high expectations of how this will be adapted on TV.

<The following is the entire published comment>
Original author: 【Kuze Gaku】

That we’ve come this far as to make 「Uramichi Oniisan」 into an anime, is because of all of the readers who gave us such warm support, and for all of the staff who assisted us.
Thank you so much!
This is a work that was born out of the thoughts of “if we could casually get close with everyone, who are living in today’s turbulent times.”
With the help of the staff who carefully considered these original thoughts, and the strength of the amazing cast, I truly feel this will become a super enjoyable anime.
We hope you’ll wait and look forward to watch this singing and dancing oniisan.
Thank you!

「Uramichi Oniisan」 Anime adaption announced!

Omota Uramichi: Kamiya Hiroshi
Usahara Tobikichi: Sugita Tomokazu
Kumitani Mitsuo: Nakamura Yuichi
Daga Iketeru: Miyano Mamoru
Tadano Utano: Mizuki Nana

(C) Kuze Gaku / Ichijinsha (C) Kuze Gaku ・ Ichijinsha / 「Uramichi Oniisan」 Production Committee