On Oct. 13, 「Assault Lily Exchange Gathering Oct. -Nice to meet you」 was held at Shinjuku Loft Plus One, Akao Hikaru played as Hitotsuyanagi Riri, Natsuyoshi Yuuko played as Shirai Yuyu and Nishimoto Rimi played as Futagawa Fumi. In this article, we will deliver the interview that took place immediately right after the event.

『Assault Lily』 is a work depicting beautiful girls, weapons, and their battles. It’s a hybrid content born from combining plastic action figures with doll cloth costumes.

This exchange gathering is an event for the stage show 『Assault Lily League of Gardens』 with Hitotsuyanagi Riri as the main character.
A talk contains interpretation to help beginners understand and be immersed to the world og the work.An important announcemet was also revailed during the event…?

■「Can’t say I’m good at cooking」 One of their true selves revealed through a self-introduction?

Shinjuku Loft Plus One is a venue where people can participate in events while enjoying alcohol and food. Akao-san ordered Ginger Ale, Natsuyoshi-san ordered Zima, and Nishimoto-san ordered pineapple juice.

Everyone toasted and the event finally started. First of all, the three of them will have to select 3 themes shown on the slide and attempt to introduce themselves.

The customers will be the ones who decide the themes. The person who wants to make a request will have to raise his or her hand, but only a small number could raise their hand as everyone was a little on the shy side. When Akao-san and the others are starting to get into the mood, they excitingly raised their hands.
When Natsuyoshi-san names 「A man wearing black glasses!」, she also gave a tsukkomi saying 「There’s a lot of them!」. There seems to be a lot of customers with glasses today.

The theme for Akao-san was decided to be “The Things addicted to”, “Specialty Dish”, and “Favorite Places”.
The things what Akao addicted to are games and fortune-telling. Speaking of playing game, she loves thoes enough to play multiple title simultaneously.
The specialty dish is Aqua Pazza. There were responses from Nishimoto-san and Natsuyoshi-san saying, 「I can’t say I’m good at cooking anymore …」. 「It’s easy because you just put the ingredients in the pot and set the fire on!」 which Akao-san later followed with.
While the answer to the favorite place is 「Home!」 Although she goes outdoors sometimes, we nodded in response to the answer as she was most happy when she gets to sleep.

Natsuyoshi-san’s themes are “Things that would be troublesome to lose”, “Favorite food”, and “Specialty Dish”.

The first answer was “Life! If you have it, you could do anything” as she strongly replied.
While the second answer is butter. It seems that she likes cooking with butter instead of gnawing as it is.

Then Nishimoto-san asked, “Do you know about fried butter?” Natsuyoshi-san’s face glimmered as she said “I’ll try it!’ as she continues on to be taught a fascinating dish that flies butter wrapped in batter coating.
Her specialty dishes are snacks which go well with sake. She often enjoying roasted Wiener with beer.

The theme for Nishimoto-san was “If you can use one magic?”, “Your favorite season”, “What if you compare yourself to an animal?”
The answer for the first question is clever, “Get to use magic a lot more times.”
The answer to the second theme is spring and summer. Nishimoto, who tends to feel cold easily, seems to feel depressed every time the cold season comes.
The last answer is “A cat. My bed hair is cat-like too.”She said the personality of needing to slowly get used to be with the other person only to become familiar afterwards is similar as well.

■Lily otaku Nishimoto-san’s main work!

Following the great introduction, we moved on to the “Assault Lily” talk. From there, we will invite the original author, Mr. Kenei Obanazawa (acus), to give us an introduction of his work.

In light of the event title “Nice to meet you”, this time we will review the basic knowledge. We will explain the charm of dolls, stories, and world views so that even beginners can understand them easily.

Nishimoto-san calling herself “Lily Otaku” demonstrated it!
When I asked her that the doll can be dressed, she immediately checked the costume of Futagawa Fumi and said, “She is wearing stockings!” Like Fumi, her commitment to Lily seems to be one time stronger.

The “Assault Lily” is an action-packed series featuring dolls which can be greatly enjoyed. Watch the stop motion video brought by Professor Obanazawa to see how well they can move.

Seeing Lily who moved like she’s in an anime, a voice of exclamation can be heard from the audience. The facial expressions and hair also move finely and naturally, so you would want to keep an eye on it.
The three also highly acclaimed, “It felt like after watching a movie” and “I want to talk to this video!”

For the anime adaptation “Impressed till the point that it feels like the last episode”

Onto the next corner, we will deliver the latest information together with the director of Bushiroad Co., Ltd. Kitani Takaaki.

Mr. Kitani offers Natsuyoshi for a drink before the announcement. She ordered a lot of her favorite sake to not pass up the chance.

After another toast, the first announcement of the stage show “Assaultry League of Gardens” in January 2020 was made. This is an episode of Yurigaoka Jogakuin, centered on Hitotsuyanagi Riri, played by Akao.
From the cast members who have not received a script yet. “I want to be excited as everyone else” as they looked forward to the new story script.

When the question, “People who bought the stage tickets?”, was asked, almost everyone in the hall raised their hands. Some of them were enthusiastic fans who even bought more than five, and Mr. Obanazawa was quite surprised.

Moving on, the biggest news of the day was announced. A big applause and cheer came up in the announcement of “Assault Lily TV animation adaptation”. The title of the anime is “Assault Lily BOUQUET”.

The cast team also went insane. “I don’t know the details yet, but was feeling emotional just from the key visuals” and “feels like the last episode” with the expression that is about to cry.

Also sticking to the original character’s visuals, Mr. Obanazawa’s hobbies, such as slightly thicker legs and the absolute areas, are reflected in the character design.

The three felt proud of the characters they’ve played while watching the still artwork of the anime version. “Riri-chan’s charming point is her four-leaf clover”, “Yuyu-chan has bigger breasts than Riri-chan”, “Fumi-chan can be sympathized with a Lily otaku”.

“I’m happy that my dream came true”

Akao-san said, “I want to make it more exciting” for the stage and TV animation. Natsuyoshi-san also said, “I hope you all will continue to support me.” with an excited expression.
While, Nishimoto-san concluded with a love-filled comment, “I loved playing with dolls since I was a kid, and to think I could enter this world and battle.

Obanazawa-sensei said with tearful eyes, “I’m glad that I was able to reach this point, with an anime and stage show”. Then, Mr. Kitani strongly declared, “Let’s make this work a great success and make this sensei cry!”

It the end, they gave their ending farewells the way Yurigaoka Jogakuin does it. Surrounded by applause and cheering, the exchange party finally ended in a warming atmosphere.

The goal is to make original videos?

Immediately after the event, We asked Akao, Natsuyoshi and Nishimoto about their impressions.

――What did you think when the exchange party was decided?

Akao: Since this is an event held every month, I wanted to get along with every else every time it repeats. There will be a stage show and animation from now on, so it would be nice if we could form a relationship where everyone can liven up the work.

Natsuyoshi: I myself have little experience appearing in events, so I was really nervous when I heard about the exchange.
It’s an event made to convey the wonderfulness of “Assault Lily”, but I wonder if I’m able to do that (laughs). Thanks to everyone’s cooperation, I’m glad that I could finish the first meeting safely.
Since the event is held every month, I want to make friends with customers more. I have to do my best to increase the number of fans!

Nishimoto: Like the exchange party title, there are more “Nice to meet you” in the work itself, so I thought I would like to get back to liking “Assault Lily” anyway.
I thought “Assault Lily” felt fun as I stood on the stage, while also received a warm welcome from the audience. Coupled with a peaceful atmosphere, it was a fun meeting.
I would like to create a work that feels like a dream for all the customers who were “Nice to meet me” today.

――At the event, a stunning stop motion video was released. Do you feel like playing like a doll like that?

Akao: I wanted to give a voice to the video shot using a doll! Even with the voice actors gathered, I think that there is are different ways of enjoying it just from the anime.
Since 51 dolls have been released so far, it would be fun to think about how to get everyone out and play them all.

However, if you voice while shooting a video simultaneously, you will get confused and say lines like “Oh ah”, so after making the video first, I want have a dubbing session with everyone in the cast.

Nishimoto: I want to make a video too! Even when I was a kid, I loved playing with dolls with personality and other settings.
“Assault Lily” dolls have a series called Custom Lily with different hairstyles and outfits, so I really wanted to use it for videos. With it, you can freely make your favorite doll!

I also like video editing, so I tend to watch the videos from the creator’s perspective, “How do you emit smoke effects?” And “How do you emit beam effects?”(laughs) I would like to ask Mr. Obanazawa how to make it!

Natsuyoshi: The battle scenes were cool as well, but I was more attracted to their everyday poses. Like a scene where they stroke their head. I wanted to see more videos of internal conflicts and everyday scenes.
For example, Yuyu and Riri go on a picnic and have lunch. I want to make videos with the three of them.

Akao: I want to make it! Think about the story and the voice! It seems to be fun to make an everyday school life.

――Before the event, a comment video with a stage costume was playing. What are your impressions when dressing up?

Nishimoto: I’m quite particular about the costumes, I’m also really particular about the wig as well.
Since Fumi is a braided character, we made few adjustments by cutting her hair 1cm at a time while exchanging opinions, saying, “It’s a little shorter?”.

The details are so detailed that when I wore the costume, I was happy to say “I became Fumi-chan!”. I think that I was able to shoot for the commentary video not only to her appearance but also to Fumi’s heart. I’m looking forward to seeing the nine Hitotsuyanagi members on stage.

Akao: I’m also particular about the wigs. Even though Riri-chan has pink hair, her wig has a ash like natural color that’s not too flashy. Looking plain is one of her characteristics.
To make it as if Riri exists in the three dimensional world, not a cosplay, I’ve asked the make-up artist to stick to the color. I thought that “it was amazing” while having it cut off.

It’s a cool black type of outfit that you don’t usually wear. I often wear fluffy clothes, but I was happy because this was my first time.
When filming with her weapon (charm), I was told that “Riri is weak, so you could act without making it seem as if she’s strong”

However, when I held on to the weapon I start to feel dignified and thought, “I might look like a handsome guy” (laughs).

Natsuyoshi: The image from my dream is reflected on both the costume and the wig. For example, the length of the skirt is longer than Riri and is dressed like an older sister. I am particular about everything to truly express the characters, and I think it’s amazing.

In the stage photo shoot, the person in charge of the costume said, “Princess, please put on these boots” (laughs).

Akao: That’s amazing!

Natsuyoshi: They gave preferential treatment. And I’m getting more and more worried about it, so I just replied with an “ok”.
The site is really fun! We took a picture with a very good team that created the really wonderful atmosphere together.

――An anime adaptation has also been announced, not being able to take your eyes off the world of “Assault Lily”. Please show your enthusiasm for the work.

Akao: I’ve waited for a long time for the announcement of the animation. However, I don’t know about the details, so when I saw the visual teaser a few days ago, I thought, “Emo!” (Laughs).
It’s impressive and it’s an illustration that makes you want to see the anime. I’m looking forward to how the characters move around.

Natsuyoshi: The story of Yurigaoka Jogakuin, depicts a bunch of students growing up together with the charismatic Riri-chan. I want to do my best so that their feelings and dreams that are gradually gets influenced can be put into the performance.
There was a stage show before the anime, so I hope I can bring along the experience and feelings of way I moved my body when I was battling together with everyone to the anime as well!

Nishimoto: When Shaft, who has created many cool works aimed towards girls previously, makes “Assault Lily”! I just think “Oh, that’s pretty cool” (laughs).
For the visual teaser, I was moved to the point where I have no words. Obanazawa-sensei was happy enough to cry, and I was glad that “I was able to voice for a work that have been connected with love and dreams of many people.”
As the voice actor for Fumi-chan, I will do my best to spread the world of “Assault Lily” to as many people as possible!

――Please give a message to the readers at the end.

Akao: Thank you for reading so far (laughs)!
The animation will begin shortly from now on and there are still a lot of things I don’t know. I believe that “Assault Lily” is a work that you can get to know with everyone else during the event.
I’ll do my best to make both the stage show and the anime feel as if “Riri exists”, so please come and visit! Thank you for the exchange gathering, anime and stage show.

Natsuyoshi: I hope that those who came to see the stage would have a greater taste of excitement from the stage show until the anime release in the future. Thank you for your support!

Nishimoto: I am filled with the sole desire to respond to all your “Assault” love and I hope to return that love to you all.
I will continue to do my best, just like the anime, the stage and like the “Lily Otaku”, Fumi-chan. I hope you all enjoy “Assault Lily”!

『Assault Lily Exchange Gathering』will be held on Nov. 16 and Dec. 21. Furthermore, on Dec. 4, a program titled “Risen Rally” has also been decided.
Follow-up news will be announced on the official website and official Twitter account, so don’t forget to check it out!

(C)AZONE INTERNATIONAL・acus Assault Lily Project