The 2nd season of TV Anime 『Fruits Basket』 will begin broadcast in 2020. It was also announced that the two characters that appeared in the final episode in season 1 like Kakeru Manabe will be voiced by Takuya Eguchi and Machi Kuragi by Ai Kakuma.

『Fruits Basket』2nd season was first announced back in September 20th, in the last episode of season 1. In the final episode, student council members Kakeru Manabe and Machi Kuragi, who will be greatly involved with Yuki Sohma in the 2nd season are only projected in profile, Takuya Eguchi will be playing the role of Kakeru while Ai Kakuma will be playing as Machi.

Furthermore, on the official website, illustrations that were posted on the Official Twitter after the end of each episode broadcast drawn by the original creator of 『Fruits Basket』 Natsuki Takaya will be released only for a limited time. Viewers can look back at the events that happened in the 1st season just by looking at the illustrations filled with the original creator’s thought

The curse of the zodiac, and how the troubles and past of each characters are drawn in the 2nd season. Do look forward to the broadcast in 2020.

TV Anime 『Fruits Basket』
2nd season Will begin broadcast in 2020!!
(C)Natsuki Takaya・Hakusensha/Fruits Basket Production Committee