Sanrio announces the design production of characters from the anime “BEASTARS”, which will start broadcasting in October 2019. They have annouced that they are in the midst of drawing the designs of the characters within the anime.

BEASTARS” is an “animal version” of a human drama comic serialized in the “Weekly Shonen Champion” by Paru Itagaki.
The stage is set in a world where carnivores and herbivores coexist. In the wake of the alpaca slaughter that took place at the dormitory school “Cherryton Gakuen”, Grey Wolf Legoshi and a wide variety of other animals angish over various interwoven problems such as; discrimination, love and weakness in this multiprotagonist youth drama.

In this collaboration “BEASTARS Design produced by Sanrio”, the eight characters of Legosi, Louis, Hal, Gouhin, Jack, Juno, Bill, and Legom will appear on the work in a ‘school’ theme.

Starting in the winter of 2019, the company plans to commercialize miscellaneous goods such as button badges and acrylic key chains, as well as daily items such as pouches, handkerchiefs and tote bags.

Collaboration between Sanrio and anime “BEASTARS”
“BEASTARS Design produced by Sanrio”
To be commercialized after winter 2019

(C) Paru Itagaki (Akita Shoten) / BEASTARS Production Committee