The closed alpha version of the monthly subscription-based multi-platform play-all-you-want bishoujo game platform "OOParts" (oh-parts), was released on Aug. 30.
The closed alpha version includes **MOON.**, **Kira☆Kira**, **Cho Dengeki Stryker**, **1/7 no Mahotsukai**, **Proposition to the Holy Key Contractant**, which were provided free of charge by their respective developers in the interests of testing the platform.

"OOParts" is a new game platform that enables players to use various devices to play adventure (bishoujo) games that came out in the previous years that were originally developed almost exclusively for Windows PC.
When you start playing, the game boots up in the cloud (data center). It uses cloud gaming technology, which allows one to operate a game via the internet, so there's no need to install the game.

Additionally, to pay respect to the freedom of expression of the game creators, the lineup will include titles that had restrictions placed on them by the App Store and Google Play.
The fee structure is a monthly subscription, play-all-you-want model, which allows you to play any of the available games to your heart's content.

Currently, the system is undergoing a closed alpha test aimed towards organizations, with **MOON.**, **Kira☆Kira**, **Cho Dengeki Stryker**, **1/7 no Mahotsukai**, **Proposition to the Holy Key Contractant** in the lineup.
Individual users may preregister so they can get priority slots for the beta version scheduled for release in October 2019. For details, please visit the official website of "OOParts".