“Animelt”, an application to check reviews and record your watch history, is now available. This service is not only useful to keep track of what anime you've watched and want to watch, but can also be used to check anime synopsis', distribution information, reviews and more.

“Animelt” is a review app that allows you to record and manage the anime you've seen and want to see.
In the app, you can list anime by popularity, new arrivals and review score. By clicking on the anime's name, you can also find an overview of various information, such as the production company, year of release, cast, and a link to the official homepage.
Furthermore, information such as reviews and links to official video distribution services are also included.

In addition, you can easily manage “Watched” and “Want to watch” lists with a single tap of the finger. A list of “watched” anime is displayed on your profile page, and the number of times a certain anime has been “watched” will affect its overall score in the popularity rankings. Furthermore, if you want to leave your own detailed impressions, you can publish your review as well.

[Animelt] can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play.