Avex Technologies Co., Ltd. released “Kanojo wa Utau, Dakara Boku wa. (She sings, so I am.)”, which was entirely produced by remotework using “AniCast Maker”. It is a cutting edge anime production tool that enables anyone to produce an anime easily.

Avex Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in May, 2019 under the corporate mission “the Creation of Next-Generation IPs”, and have been working on research and development of technologies to support that. In collaboration with Avex Pictures, Inc., which focuses on the anime related business, the company has been conducting a project to develop a cutting edge anime production tool “AniCast Maker”, which makes it possible to produce an anime with less human resources, cost, and time, to accelerate “the Creation of Next-Generation IPs” centered on anime.

As a result from the experiment to produce videos with “AniCast Maker” by remotework, the company has produced and released a 7 minutelong original animation video “Kanojo wa Utau, Dakara Boku wa.”

“Kanojo wa Utau, Dakara Boku wa.” was directed by Sakai Nobukazu, who used to work for a PC game brand “minori” as an author, director, and producer. It took only 6 staff and 2 months to be produced.
This is a successful example of producing anime by remotework even though anime/video related businesses are struggling with producing works due to the spread of COVID-19.