On the 29th of August, Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) together with IID, bitFlyer Blockchain, and the Otaku Coin Association launched the pilot version of a fan-participation translation platform for anime articles called “Tokyo Honyaku Quest”.

In the pilot version of Tokyo Honyaku Quest, translators selected from over 1,200 applicants are given a quest to translate and proofread news articles from the anime news site “Anime! Anime!” operated by Eid. Articles that have been translated then will be published on the English version site “Anime Anime Global” which was launched at the same time. Translated articles are recorded on Blockchain as the official version, along with the translator’s ID and translation/proofreading history.

The translators were selected by public recruitment on social media sites such as TOM’s Facebook page where over 20 million overseas anime fans are registered. After hearing their knowledge and passion for the content, they were also given a test to determine their translation skills.

Some points that are currently being reviewed in this demonstration trial include; “Will the speed and quality of requested translation be guaranteed, by giving token rewards that can be consumed within the fan community?”, “Will the use of Blockchain contribute to strengthening and expanding the fan community?” and “Will these actions lead to an appropriate return of profits to authors and content owners?”

This demonstration trial has been chosen as the object of “development and demonstration support for content distribution using Blockchain technology” with support via a government subsidy from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry to promote global content creation (J-LOD). The results are scheduled to be compiled and submitted within the year.