Bandai Namco Entertainment inc (from following BNE) settled bussiness alliance with Crunchyroll Games(from following LLC)
From this agreement, subscribers of LLC will be able to playBNE games onf the same IP without switching screens, enabling a. That seamless experienceexperience is seemless.
The partnership was created in order settled the partnership in order to offer more fansa better overall IP experience through anime, games, manga and so on.
BNE is trying to offer a new IP experience through the browser game platform Enza, which is run by BNE’s subsidary, BXD.
As a result BNE will be able to get more chance to connect with IP fans overseas. As for LLC, They can add games to their popular categories(anime and manga)through this partnership.
By this agreement, subscrivers of LLCCLC will be able to play games of the same IP with BNE seemlessly without switching the screens after they watch contents like anime and so on.
They start with the browser game, 『NARUTO X BORUTO 忍者 TRIBES』in which characters of 『BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS』や『NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝』 appear.
This game will be relased in the U.S in 2019.
they are planinng to spread the game to other countries.

Moreover, they are planning to develop to browser games with different IPs, and tie up with other CLC’s contents in order to offer many IP fans new experience.