Toei Animation’s has released a 1 minute trailer for『Jurassic!』the brand new project No.1 handled by their young staffs. Bringing prehistoric creatures back to life in the modern world with its popping colors.

『Jurassic!』 is an original title made by the young staffs from Toei Animation as a way of challenging their planning, production, and advertisement capabilities. Inspired by a series of books known as 『Realistic Paleontology Pictography』 which had sold over 86,000 copies in total and became a hot topic among many social platforms, Toei Animation seeks to unfold a story through a new setting based on the topic.

The short trailer published is a continuation of the 15 second preview clip released back in 20th of July, previewing their workmanship which purely focuses on the teenagers expressions through pop colors. With prehistoric creatures revitalized by its garish earthly colors accompanied by an exhilarating music with a dash of melancholy , revealing the protagonists’ deepest emotions through their rich expressions.

Regarding the progress of project 『Jurassic!』, various adjustments are currently being made. All latest information will be announced on the official Twitter account

<Following is a full published commentary>
【Science Writer Ken Tsuchiya (土屋健氏)(『Jurassic!』Paleontology
After watching 1 minute animation clip, i can’t stop my feeling of excitement. Having various kinds of prehistoric creatures appearing in the modern world, some gallantly show themselves, while others tend to stay unnoticed.
In just one minute, I was greatly captivated by its setting which was filled with dreams and romance.
Makes me wonder, what kind of story would unfold and how would it end, within a world such as this.
I’m filled with expectations, and i will surely be following their latest work on the series. Hope to see all kinds of prehistoric creatures appear in the future! Paleontology fans from around the globe, please do follow the series!

Sunao (素直): Yoshiya Ishibashi (石橋陽彩)
Ichigo (苺): Haruka Shiraishi (白石晴香)
Planning: Tenshi Hagio (鷲尾天), Shiho Ito (伊藤志穂)
Director: Megumi Ishiya (石谷恵)
Key animation Director: Takumi Yamamoto (山本拓美)
Art Director: Takashi Kurahashi (倉橋隆)
Color Design: Nishimura Misa (西村美彩)
Music: Maki Ninagawa (笹川真生)
Paleontology Advisor: Ken Tsuchiya (土屋 健)
(C)Toei Animation