16 pieces of “Kemono Friends” artwork, drawn by concept artist Mine Yoshizaki have gone up for sale. Buyers will be decided by lottery and will receive digital ownership of the art pieces. In addition, various special benefits have been prepared for the purchasers.

The digital rights will be sold with help from “Anique”, a platform that specializes in the sales of digital artwork, and whose mission is to “create an eternal bond between the work and the fans through their special ceremony.” 16 artworks have been provided by “Kemono Friends” concept artist Yoshizaki Mine, and only one of each will be sold.

Of course, the purchaser will receive the world’s only copy of the digital artwork, but as a special service, the purchaser will be officially recorded for all perpetuity by blockchain technology. Even after the sale, they will continue to be 100% certified as the official owner.
In addition, it will be possible for the owner to request a limited edition version of the artwork, made using ultra-high definition output technology. Furthermore, if the purchaser decides to sell the ownership, part of the payment received will be transferred to the “Kemono Friends Project”. This way, it can be used to fund their next works.

Lottery applications will be accepted until Mar. 9, 2020. Winners will be announced after Mar. 16.
A portion of the sales will be donated to the international environmental conservation organization “World Wildlife Fund Japan” (WWF Japan).