“47 Todoufuken (47 Prefecture Dogs),” an anime project that attracted a great deal of attention when it first broadcasted on TV by featuring 47 popular and talented voice actors, including Tomatsu Haruka, Hikasa Yoko, Onosaka Masaya, Asumi Kana, and Nozawa Masako, has revived after 11 years. The anime is now available on the streaming service “Locipo” for a limited time.

“47 Todoufuken” is an anime product of one of the segments of “Voice Actor Variety Show SAY!YOU!SAY!ME,” a TV program broadcasted on TV Aichi and AT-X. It is a flash short animation work with a surreal worldview, in which local products representing each of the 47 prefectures of Japan are characterized as a dog.

The anime drew great attention since many renowned voice actors from each prefecture played the role of the dogs. For example, Tomatsu Haruka played Aichi-ken since she was born in Aichi, the home of TV Aichi. Also, Hikasa Yoko will play Kanagawa-ken, Onosaka Masaya acts as Osaka-ken, Asumi Kana will play Fukuoka-ken, and Nozawa Masako acts as Tokyo-to, which is the only rabbit character among the dogs. The other characters are also performed by popular voice actors.

“47 Todoufuken,” which is currently not officially distributed, is back on the streaming service “Locipo” for a limited time 11 years after the broadcast. This work can be said to be a pioneer of local production popularity, so fans must take this opportunity to check it out.