TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” will collaborate with the amusement park called GiGO and held “Tokyo Revengers x GiGO Campaign 2022”. The special prize products were released from August 27, 2022.

“Tokyo Revengers” is about jobless, and powerless Hanagaki Takemichi traveling over time back to when he was a middle school student and attempting a revenge on what he had regretted. The original manga was serialized on “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 2017 and this manga is drawn by Wakui Ken, who is well known for “Shinjuku Swan”.

The TV anime started from April 2021 and the live-action movie was released on July 9, 2022. The live-action play was also performed on stage as well. “8-3 Struggle Arc” and “Bloody Halloween Arc” were broadcast in the TV anime series, and “Final Battle at Holy Night Arc” is already decided.

“Tokyo Revengers x GiGO Campaign 2022” will be held at GiGO, Takarajima, and the online game stations of SEGA called “GiGO ONLINE CRANE”. One of the prizes is called “BIG Acrylic Figure~ Casual Suit”, which contains the designs of the characters in Japanese warlord costumes with ink painting design by the professional ink painter Okazu.

In addition to “BIG Acrylic Figure”, “Mini-Character BIG Stuffed Toy~ Casual Suit~” and “Mini-Character Favorite Bag~ Casual Suit~” will be available as well.

From September 24, “Ink Painter Okazu BIG Tapestry ~Casual Suit~”, “Ink Painter Okazu PU Cushion~ Casual Suits~”, and “Ink Painter Okazu Aurora 2P Set~Casual Suits~” will be available. The items are designed by the ink painter Okazu, and each item has the design different from the original manga of “Tokyo Revengers”.

As the additional gift, “Foil Stamped Trading Card (12 types)” will be given every purchase of 500 JPY (distributed from August 27, 2022). Also, “Ink Painter Okazu Colored Paper ~Casual Suits~” will be distributed randomly for every purchase of 700 JPY from September 24, 2022. Moreover, in 13 stores including the main store in Ikebukuro, the drink with a novelty will be sold. A coaster with 6 designs will be given for every purchase of a drink.

Furthermore, GiGO’s taiyaki Ikebukuro and GiGO’s taiyaki Ikebukuro 2nd store will sell the original taiyaki called “Tokyo Revengers-yaki”. A special coaster will be given for every purchase of taiyaki (6 designs). GiGO and SEGA’s store official Twitter accounts are currently holding a retweet campaign.

© Wakui Ken, Kodansha/Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee