The Touken Ranbu series announced the production of its second movie ‘Touken Ranbu the Movie: Reimei’, after three years since its first movie ‘Touken Ranbu the Movie: Keishou’ in 2019. Ahead of the filming, comments arrived from the director Yakumo and the cast members Hiroki Suzuki and Yoshihiko Aramaki.

The movie is based on the sword fighting simulation game “Touken Ranbu: ONLINE” in which famous historical swords take the form of “Touken Danshi (sword boys)” and fight to protect history. With the significant support from women in their teens to thirties, the game became a fad nationwide and spawned a musical adaptation in 2015 and a stage play in 2016, as well as two anime series.

The previous movie was the first live-action adaptation with box-office revenue of 940 million yen, supported by many ecstatic fans. The second volume has been planned for three years and will start filming in April.
Saiji Yakumo continues on as the director from the previous work, and new cast members will join the team in addition to the main cast Hiroki Suzuki as Munechika Mikazuki and Yoshihiko Aramaki as Kunihiro Yamanbagiri.

The long-awaited ‘Touken Ranbu the Movie: Reimei’ is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Full comments below

Hiroki Suzuki

The second volume of “The movie Touken Ranbu” is about to start. Touken Ranbu was developed with many cross-media activities and each has been delivering the true Honmaru. However, the second volume has an unexpected twist so please stay tuned.
Also, you will be able to enjoy the powerful sword fight scene which is one of the biggest attractions of “The movie Touken Ranbu”. I’d like to ask you to focus on which Touken Danshi united in the fight.
Finally, I’d like to thank the fans for supporting us. The production of the second movie would not have been realized without all your support. Please look forward to the release!

Yoshihiko Aramaki

Three years flew by after the previous movie ‘Touken Ranbu: Keishou-’, and I’ve been waiting so long for the next one. Kunihiro Yamanbagiri will be on screen again.
I haven’t seen Mr. Yakumo for a while so I’m looking forward to working with him. I’ve only read the script but the story has a different attraction to the previous one. I’m curious about how Kunihiro Yamanbagiri is involved and plays an active role, as well as how this story finishes as a movie.
I just can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction. Stay tuned!

Saiji Yakumo (Director)

Thank you for waiting patiently. Maybe we kept you all waiting for too long. We’ve been through a lot, but our belief and tenacity were brought to fruition, but finally, the poroduction of the second ‘Touken Ranbu the Movie’ has started with an amazing cast, including Hiroki Suzuki and Yoshihiko Aramaki.. I’m thrilled to direct this movie as I was the last time, and I’ll do my best with my team to make it a masterpiece that will remain in the world for a thousand years.

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