The latest installment of the anime “Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru” will be screened in theaters in a trilogy, “Toku ‘Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru’ – Yuki no Hana -“. The nine new Touken Danshi that will appear in the first act, “Yuki no Maki,” have been revealed, and a super special trailer and studio/staff information have also been announced.

This anime is based on the sword training simulation game “Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-” in which famous swords transform into soldiers and fight to protect the course of history. A second season of the anime aired in 2018.

And in 2022, the latest “Toku ‘Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru’ – Yuki no Hana -” will be screened exclusively in theaters in a trilogy. This time, a super special video containing full-length footage of the first act, Yuki no Maki (to be released on May 20), has been unveiled. Also, a total of 86 Touken Danshi, 24 of which are new to the trilogy, will make appearances in the three parts. In addition to the previously announced Yamambagiri Chogi, the new Touken Danshi appearing in Yuki no Maki will be Daihannya Nagamitsu, Koryu Kagemitsu, Tomoegatana Naginata, Mori Toshiro, Shizukagata Naginata, Nansen Ichimonji, Hakusan Yoshimitsu, Nankaitaro Tomotaka, and Hizen Tadahiro.

The staff is again made up of the same talented staff that has created the anime series up to this point, with Doga Kobo producing the animation, Naoya Takashi directing the Yuki no Maki, Koshida Tomoaki directing the Tsuki no Maki, and Taniguchi Junichiro as character designer and chief animation director.

In addition, life-size standees featuring visuals of the 10 new Touken Danshi will be on display at the TOHOanimation booth at “AnimeJapan 2022”, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on March 26 and 27. Movie tickets of Yuki no Maki will be sold in advance at the venue on the day of the event, with the bonus “Well done! A special Hanamaru Sticker” will be given. Fans are encouraged to visit the event.

“Toku ‘Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru’ – Yuki no Hana -” will be released in theaters on May 20, 2022. Stay tuned for more information.

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