From the Netflix’s live-action drama “One Piece”, the cast members for Koby, Alvida, Helmeppo, Buggy, Arlong, and Garp have been announced. Each of the cast member are chosen by the original creator and executive producer, Oda Eiichiro, and they came from all around the world.

The original work “One Piece” by Oda Eiichiro started serialization on “Weekly Shounen Jump” in 1997, and it has more than 490 million copies circulated worldwide. This is the popular manga that represents Japan.
This is a story about the grand adventure of the “Strawhat Pirates” led by the main protagonist Monkey D. Luffy that revolved around “One Piece” that was left by the legendary “Pirate King” Gold D. Roger.

For the Netflix’s live-action drama “One Piece”, it was announced previously that Monkey D. Luffy is played by Iñaki Godoy, Roronoa Zoro is played by Arata Mackenyu, Nami is played by Emily Rudd, Usopp is played by Jacob Romero Gibson, and Sanji is played by Taz Skylar, and it was revealed on the cast’s social network that the shooting for this work has already started.

This time, 6 additional cast members were revealed.
Koby, the passionate man that has a strong sense of justice and strived to become the Marine admiral, is played by new star Morgan Davies, and Alvida, who treated Koby harshly and have a fight with Luffy, is played by Ilia Isorelýs Paulino. The “stupid son” of the heinous Marine captain, “Axe-Hand” Morgan in the original work, Helmeppo is played by Aidan Scott. The captain of the Buggy Pirates and has the title of “Clown”, Buggy is played by Jeff Ward. The captain of the pirates that made out of fish-man, Arlong is played by McKinley Belcher III. The legendary Marine soldier that is known as the “Hero of the Marines”, Garp is played by Vincent Regan.
Do look forward to the future announcements on how they appeared in the live-action drama.

(C) Oda Eiichiro/ Shueisha