For the first time in the series’ history, the “Kiramune label”, which features voice actors such as Kamiya Hiroshi, Eguchi Takuya, Irino Miyu, and Uemura Yuto, has released a Blu-ray of “Hakoku no Ken”, a reading live performance held in 2021 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. In addition, a release memorial event will be held on 19 March, 2022, with the leading actors, Kamiya Hiroshi and Uemura Yuto, taking the stage.

“Kiramune” has held “Kiramune Presents READING LIVE” every October since 2012. “Hakoku no Ken”, which is the 10th anniversary of the reading live performance, is written by Fukui Harutoshi known for “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”, and depicts the lives of people fighting over the “Hakoku no Ken”, a sword with the power to control “time”, set in Edo period. The stage performance that combines reading and action with “shadows” running across the stage has become a new era of “reading live performance” with “Kiramune”‘s voice actors, including Kamiya Hiroshi and Uemura Yuto, as well as experienced voice actors such as Ginga Banjo and Takagi Wataru.

The first Blu-ray of the reading live performance will include mainly the Chiba performance on the last day, October 24, 2021, which was an immediate sell-out, as well as the [A team] and [B team] performances and curtain calls from both days.
In addition, a postcard set and scenario book will be included as a limited first edition bonus, and only the first edition will come in a special sleeve case.

The release memorial event that was announced at the same time will be held at Iino Hall in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward on March 19, 2022, and will feature Kamiya Hiroshi and Uemura Yuto in the lead roles, as well as the script writer, Fukui Harutoshi.
For more information, please visit the special webpage.

“Kiramune Presents READING LIVE 10th Anniversary Performance: Hakoku no Ken” will be released only at ‘A-on STORE’ and ‘animate’ on May 27. It is priced at 9,800 JPY (tax included).

[Title] “Hakoku no Ken”
(At Osaka Orix Theater) October 16 and 17, 2021 / (At Chiba Maihama Amphitheater)
October 23 and 24, 2021
At the end of the Edo period, the long-ruling Tokugawa shogunate lost its power and people’s lives became increasingly impoverished.
Sakichi, a member of the secret organization “Pater Noster” made up of hidden Christians, is ordered to steal the hidden treasure “Hakoku no Ken”, which has been sealed by the shogunate for 250 years, and sneaks into the tomb of Tokugawa Ieyasu at Nikko Toshogu Shrine.
A demonic sword which, if used by an unqualified person, will destroy the spirit―― In the midst of a fierce battle for the sword, Sakichi is somehow chosen as the perfect candidate.
He turns his back on God, who has never helped him, and responds to his heart’s determination to take happiness into his own hands.
But it was also a clever plan by Tachibana Yoshimasa, the shogunate’s senior official who knows the secret of the “Hakoku no Ken”.
The “Hakoku no Ken” with its magical power to show a glimpse in the future, makes its wearer an invincible swordsman……
What is Yoshimasa’s plan to use this power to interfere with “time”? In a time of great change in Japan, a battle that will shake history is about to begin.

Screenplay : Fukui Harutoshi
Director : Ito Masami
Music : Maeguchi Wataru
Planning/Production : Kiramune Project

[A Team] Cast: Uemura Yuto / Eguchi Takuya / Kimura Ryohei / Takagi Wataru / Chiba Shoya / Morohoshi Sumire / Yoshinaga Takuto / Yonaga Tsubasa (in Japanese alphabetical order)
[B Team] Okamoto Nobuhiko / Kamiya Hiroshi / Ginga Banjo / Kuwashima Houko / Namikawa Daisuke / Nojima Kenji / Hozumi Yuya / Horie Shun (in Japanese alphabetical order)
[Ensemble] Abiru Daiki / Ikutani Kazuki / Uchide Natsumi / Utsumi Kazuya / Sawada Keisuke / Shimizu Ryuhei / Takashima Yohju / Naiki Katsuhiro / Fujita Koji / Mochizuki Yuji
[Voice Cast] Ono Motoharu / Sato Yuga / Mino Yudai / Motoyoshi Yukiko

(C) Kiramune Project