The TV anime “Technoroid Overmind” from the media mix project “Technoloid” will be broadcast in 2022.

In addition, the smartphone game “Technoroid Unison Heart” will be released in early 2022, and pre-registration has started. In conjunction with this, the project PV and unit music were unveiled for the first time, and the latest information on the unit visuals and the 11 characters and cast were also announced.

“Technoroid” is a media mix project created by CyberAgent in collaboration with Avex Pictures and Elements Garden that combines animation, games, and music. Animation production will be handled by Doga Kobo, and game development by Wonder Planet, with the aim of broadcasting the TV anime and releasing the game in 2022.

The new information was revealed at the project presentation held on November 6th, where it was decided that the TV anime “Technoloid Overmind” will be broadcast in 2022, and the smartphone game “Technoloid Unison Heart” will be released in early 2022. Pre-registration for “Techno Lloyd Unison Heart” has already started.

Also, the visuals for the units “KNoCC”, “STAND-ALONE”, and “Mechanica Metallica” newly drawn by LAM, the original character designer, have been released. In addition, 11 cast members including Ura Kazuki, Shibuya Satoi, Mineta Hiromu, kayto, Furukawa Makoto, Hagiya Keigo, Kajiwara Gakuto, Enoki Junya, Otsuka Takeo, Sugibayashi Akito, and Nakamura Shugo were announced as their characters.

From “Technoroid”, the TV anime “Technoroid Overmind” will be broadcast in 2022, and the smartphone game “Technoroid Unison Heart” will be released in early 2022. The project PV that unites the worldview, music, unit cast, and story has also been released for the first time, and expectations for how the project is going to develop are growing even more.

[Agematsu Noriyasu]

Together with lyricist RUCCA, I want to create music content for women that reminds us of the “dawn of a new era” centered on EDM. How many years has it been since I came up with this idea?
The Technoroid project started with a consultation with Tanaka Hiroyuki, a producer at CyberAgent and a close friend of mine from “Dance with Devils”, and finally, finally, we can announce this!

I believe that the appeal of EDM music is that it is “a genre of music that can be used worldwide,” and EDM has been behind the hits of Korean artists that are in season right now.
I thought that if I could get RUCCA, a lyricist who is a magician of words, to express the story of a vocal android who struggles with “the meaning of life”, I could create something incredibly interesting, so I started working mainly with Kikuta Daisuke, the EDM leader, from Elements Garden to create sounds.

At first, I thought I’d just leave it to these two guys……, but the project sounded so interesting that I ended up asking Kikuta to “let me write a song for it,” even though I had only drafted the title and was going to keep an eye on it.
That’s how attractive the pictures, the story, and the team technoid created by Tanaka-san are turning out to be.

Technoroid Project.
EDM music for a new era.

I’m very happy to be able to open the door to a new work of art with you all!


【RUCCA】Four years ago, I received a proposal from Elements Garden, with whom I have worked on many music projects, “How about writing a story about music from scratch?” That’s when I started working on “Technoroid”.
I felt a lot of pressure to write the entire story, from the original idea to the lyrics, but I was able to put in all the essence that only I could write.

What kind of characters would make the song appealing? After much deliberation, I came up with the answer: “androids.” I still remember that Agematsu Noriyasu-san immediately agreed with me.
The appeal of this work is the story of “the emotional growth of androids through song” and the variety of songs performed by the characters with rich personalities.
Since many units appear in the story, there is a wide variety of music genres, and I have put all my experience in lyric writing into this work without any compromise.

These “androids” never stop growing. As a lyricist, I want to show my eagerness to keep seeking out new things so that I can keep up with them. Please look forward to it.


【LAM】Congratulations on the announcement of the Technoroid project!
I’m also happy to finally be able to unveil it.

Androids are the main characters in this work.
At first glance, they appear to be human, but they have many of the characteristics and traits of androids.
However, despite their inorganic aspect as robots, they learn a lot from this world.
I hope I was able to express even a little bit of the variety and charm of these people.

Please look forward to a new world where androids, music, idols, and various other elements are woven together!

Anime (C) Shibaura Android Laboratory / TECHNO-OM Project
Game (C) Shibaura Android Laboratory / TECHNO-UH Project