“Technoroid Unison Heart”, a smartphone game based on the media mix project “Technoloid”, which is also being made into a TV anime, will be released in January 2022. Pre-registration is now open, and to celebrate, an additional song for the game, “IDempty”, has been premiered on the official YouTube channel.

“Technoloid” is a media mix project created by CyberAgent in collaboration with Avex Pictures and Elements Garden that combines animation, games, and music. Animation production will be done by Doga Kobo, and game development by Wonder Planet.

It has been announced that “Technoroid Unison Heart”, a “puzzle adventure that nurtures ‘kokoro'”, will be released in January 2022. In addition to a full-fledged main story that depicts the challenge of the entertainment tower “Babel” and the growth of the androids whose “kokoro” are nurtured through music, a variety of sub-stories are developed. This is a smartphone game in which players train androids and challenge on a live stage with their original band units.

Pre-registration has started on December 11, 2021 on the App Store and Google Play, and depending on the number of pre-registrants, gacha tickets and other luxury items will be given away at the start of the game.

In addition, with the start of pre-registration, an additional song for the game, “IDempty” by the unit KNoCC (Nox), was released on the official YouTube channel.

In addition, a radio program called “Tekuraji” by the four members of KNoCC, Ura Kazuki (Cobalt), Shibuya Satoi (Chrome), Mineta Hiromu (Kay), and kayto (Neon), will start on December 12. You can listen to it on the Internet radio station “Onsen” as well as on the official YouTube channel, and is basically broadcasted every Sunday at 1:00 pm.

[Production Staff]
Original Idea: Agematsu Noriyasu x RUCCA x Elements Garden
Original Story: Shibaura Android Laboratory
Director: Im Ga-Hee
Supervisor: Yoshimura Ai
Series composition: Sekine Ayumi
Character Design: LAM
Character Design: Sakiguchi Saori
Music: Elements Garden x RUCCA
Sound Director: Nagasaki Yukio
Title & Logo Creation: Rai-Rai Public Company Ltd.
CG Production: LOGIC&MAGIC
Animation production: Doga Kobo
Game Development & Operation: Wonder Planet
Original work description: Shibaura Android Laboratory

(C) Shibaura Android Laboratory / TECHNO-OM Project
(C) Shibaura Android Laboratory / TECHNO-UH Project