A special program of the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers”, “Tokyo Revengers Special – Bloody Halloween Arc Climax SP on ABEMA”, was broadcast on September 18, 2021 on the “ABEMA Anime Channel” of the new future TV “ABEMA”.

This broadcast features Shin Yuuki as Hanagaki Takemichi, Waki Azumi as Tachibana Hinata, Osaka Ryota as Tachibana Naoto, Hayashi Yu as Sano Manjiro, and Morikubo Shotaro as Kisaki Tetta.
In addition to the “’Tokyo Revengers’ Best Scene Selection Heart-throbbing Arc!” to take a look back on the previous episodes in the anime, the four male cast members tried their hand at a heart-throbbing skit “Win Hinata’s Heart! Who’s the most popular guy in ToReve?” to please Hinata, and “What is Morikubo Shotaro thinking?” to reveal what he is thinking since he acts as mysterious Kisaki.

The five main cast members, who play the core of the story, appeared in this broadcast. At the opening of the show, the five cast members appeared on stage to talk about the saga of “Tokyo Revengers,” in which the main character Takemichi and other bad guys are active, and the show started with a lot of excitement.

First, in “’Tokyo Revengers’ Best Scene Selection Heart-throbbing Arc!”, the five members looked back at the “heart-throbbing” scenes they had selected from the episodes that had been aired so far.
Hayashi and Shin picked out the scene in episode 5 where Mikey and Draken bow to the parents of a victim who was hospitalized after being assaulted by their rival Moebius, and the scene in episode 19 where Takemichi and Chifuyu fight together in a conflict against Valhalla.

Each of them talked about their bonded friendship, “Draken tells Mikey off for being so reasonable. I think the bond between Mikey and Draken was further strengthened based on this scene,” and “It’s heart-throbbing when his new partner, Chifuyu, says, ‘I’ll protect your back,’ and the way Takemichi inspires the members of the Toman is just like the ‘Revengers.’”

Waki and Osaka introduced episode 12, in which Takemichi and Hinata meet again in the present day. Osaka was touched by Takemichi’s blush face and Hinata’s innocent look when they met again after a long time and Waki selected the scene where Takemichi rushes to Hinata, who is on the verge of death after an accident caused intentionally by the the modern Tokyo Manjikai.

At the sad fate of the scene, there were many comments from the studio such as, “It’s painful!,” “It’s heartbreaking rather than heart-throbbing,” and Waki said, “The dubbing in this scene made me like Takemichi,” and also said, “Everything was in the ‘I love you’ by Shin-san…,” telling passionately how she was moved by Takemichi’s shout of love in the car that was about to explode. They all felt the same way on the famous scene and Shin said, “It was a big turning point for Takemichi, too, which changed his mind and led to the next phase,” from the perspective of Takemichi, telling that this heart-touching scene made him grow.

Finally, Morikubo chose the heart-throbbing scene from episode 22, the scene where Baji and Chifuyu meet, and the studio was once again filled with emotion.
Morikubo said, “The word Let’s ‘share’ peyoung reflected in another place…” and “This scene tells everything about the relationship between Baji and Chifuyu and I had butterflies in my stomach as a man.” The four of them listened to Morikubo’s words and nodded their heads in agreement. The passionate scene of the solid bond between Baji and Chifuyu was filled with moving comments from the viewers, “I can cry…”, “It’s a really good scene”, “It touches my heart”.

Besides that, in “Win Hinata’s Heart! Who’s the most popular guy in ToReve?”, a heart-throbbing (?) skit by four male cast members was made with a lot of jokes. In “What is Morikubo Shotaro thinking?”, Morikubo’s “most recent craving” and “least favorite thing in the world” were revealed, and the storm of emotions turned into a friendly atmosphere.

The show came to an end in the blink of an eye. Before the climax of the latest episode, Shin looked back on the two cours that he and Takemichi had gone through, saying, “I thought the anime had just started, but we’ve already reached episode 24.” At the end of the show, he sent a message saying, “The cast and production staff have put a lot of passion and power into this anime, so I hope you can see that passion,” which closed the show with a passionate atmosphere.

(C) Wakui Ken, Kodansha / Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee