New company eStream Shanghai is built in China by eStream Co., Ltd., due to raise in demand of the scale figures in China. The business was started in June 2021.

The Chinese figure market reached 61.9 billion JPY (3.6 billion Yuan) in 2020, and it is predicted that the market will reach 154.1 billion JPY (9.1 billion Yuan) in 2023, with the growth rate of 248% raise.
China has been an important market for eStream Co., Ltd., and they played strongly in the market through the luxury figure brand that they own called “SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE”.

Chinese branch will hold a stronger system through creating new websites for Chinese market and marketing methods in addition to know-hows that they already have.
Moreover, while the demand for Chinese overborder EC and trade routes is growing, the demand for business support toward China is also increasing, and they will be supporter for other companies in the same industry to expand business in China.

The company will support other business, by selling other companies’ products and helping with their marketing, and also enhance the sale of the figures and anime-related goods through creating their own websites and holding stores in several events.
They will also start the Chinese marketing support by using Cyber Agent Group’s assets in addition to own goods.