Voice actor Nagatsuka Takuma known for “Visual Prison” and “SK8 the Infinity” will debut as a solo artist on October 6, 2021, right after his birthday!

Nagatsuka is a voice actor who played Veuve Elizabeth in “Visual Prison”, Miya Chinen from “SK8 the Infinity”, and Atachi Yoshio in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens”.
Although he already had a reputation as a good singer, in his debut he will also show himself as a dancer. Prior to the debut, the official Twitter and artist official YouTube channels held by the staff were established on September 8. On the YouTube channel, there is also a commentary video from Nagatsuka talking about his current feelings, so please check it out if you are a fan.

Nagatsuka’s debut mini-album “dance with me” will be released on October 6.
The lead track “dance with me” will be available on each music streaming website in advance from September 13.

1st mini-album “dance with me”
COZX-1806-1807 CD + DVD 3,080 JPY (tax excluded price 2,800 JPY)
COCX-41554 Price: 2,420 JPY (tax excluded price 2,200 JPY)

[CD contents]
01 dance with me Lyrics and Music: PA-NON, Deguchi Takashi, ha-j Arrangement: ha-j
* Advance delivery starts from 12:00 A.M. on September 13
02 Spiral Truth Lyrics: Cocoro., Shirato Yusuke Music: Shirato Yusuke Arrangement: Takagi Ryuichi, Shirato Yusuke
03 Neons Night Lyrics / Music / Arrangement: amazuti
04 Broken Memories Lyrics: JAKAZ, KANATA OKAJIMA Composition / Arrangement: Kyota.
05 Do This, Do That Lyrics / Music / Arrangement: Iida Ryota

[DVD contents]
dance with me Music Video
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