Comments have arrived from the main cast, Uchida Yuuma and Nagatsuka Takuma, of “Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist” a TV Anime scheduled for broadcast in Jan. 2021.

“Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist” is a comic written and illustrated by Ahou Toro and is currently serialized in Magazine Pocket. The story unfolds around Specialist Doctor Ramune and his apprentice, Kuro, who treats patients who are infected by something “strange” via the mind which causes their bodies to undergo transformation.

Comments from the portrayed buddies, Uchida Yuuma (Dr. Ramune) and Nagatsuka Takuma (Kuro) have arrived. Messages from Uchida such as, “Let’s solve the mysteries of this mysterious disease together!” have also been written.

“Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist” is scheduled to broadcast from Jan. 2021. The latest news can be found on the official site and will be updated accordingly.

Uchida Yuuma (Dr. Ramune)
A mysterious disease originating from people’s minds that causes all sorts of symptoms to occur. The cause of the disease might be closer than you think. I will try my best to deal with this disease seriously as the cheerful and fun Dr. Ramune. Let’s solve the mysteries of this mysterious disease together!

Nagatsuka Takuma (Kuro)
The interactions between Ramune and Kuro are always interesting and its always fun recording every week anticipating how Dr. Ramune is going to go crazy and how Kuro reacts to that.
I think it is a splendid work that combines the exciting mysteries of the mysterious illness and tools, humor and seriousness. Please check it out!

(C) Ahou Toro・Kodansha / “Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist” Production Committee