Episode 1 and 2 for ‘Spidey and His Amazing Friends’, a short animated series with the characters from ‘Spider-Man’ turned into “children”, will be broadcast for the first time in Japan on September 12. The broadcast will take place on cable TV and BS/CS ‘Disney Channel’ nationwide. A promotional video was released along with the announcement.

‘Spidey and His Amazing Friends’ is a short animation series that revolves around Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Ghost-Spider (Gwen Stacy), Spin (Miles Morales) getting together and confronting villains, such as Green Goblin and Doc Ock.

Episode 1, which will be broadcast for the first time in Japan, consists of 2 parts. The first part ‘Spidey to the Power of Three’ centers on Spidey and his friends trying to save a bank from the robbery of Rhino, the villain. The second part ‘Panther Patience’ is about Black Panther. In addition to that, episode 2 ‘Superhero Hiccups / Lost and Found’ will also be released.

Reiya Ueno (Spider-Man), Ririka Yoshizawa (Ghost-Spider), Sora Asano (Spin) will continue to play the same characters as they voiced in ‘Meet Spidey and His Amazing Friends, the short anime which was broadcast on 1st August for the first time in Japan.

‘Spidey and His Amazing Friends’ episode 1 and 2 will be broadcast on ‘Disney Channel’ at 7:40, September 12.
Character figures will be released ahead of the broadcast by Hasbro Japan.