Spider-Man (Spider Armor – MK IV Suit ver.) from the game “Marvel's Spider-Man”, based on “Spider-Man”, gets a figure under Hot Toys'”Video Game/Masterpiece” series. The release is scheduled for Sep. 2021.

The product is a 1 /6 scale high-end figure with over 30 moveable parts and an overall height of 30 cm of Spider-Man in the Spider Armor – MK IV Suit.
The head parts with the mask on is newly created and the unique expressions from the game can be recreated by using the 3 different exchangeable eye parts.

The suits has a built-in special light- up gimmick and the pattern of the damage absorption defensive shield can be seen as well. As a specialized body was used, it was available to recreate the musclier slender body.
The accessories that come with it, are the spider drone, the various form of the spider web and the effect parts to recreate the web sticking on something.

The pedestal has a special specification where it is decorated with the logo of this work and the spider mark from the suits. As the pedestal comes with the adjustable pillars, it allows you to freely change the posture of the figure. So that you can enjoy the action scene of Spider-Man such as the web-swinging scene.

” 'Video Game/ Masterpiece' 'Marvel's Spider-Man' 1/6 Scale Figure Spider-Man (Spider Armor – MK IV Suit ver.)” is priced at 38,000 JPY (tax included). If the pre-orders are made at Hot Toys' flagship shop “Toysapien”, the price will be 32,300 JPY (tax included). The release is scheduled for Sep. 2021.

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