Uchida Yuma and others have been announced as the cast member of the Japanese version of the Netflix anime film “Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild” (to be released on August 12, 2021). The dubbed version of the trailer and scene cuts were also released at the same time.

The original “Monster Hunter” series of games is a hunting action series that started with “Monster Hunter” for the PlayStation2 released by Capcom in 2004, and has sold a total of 72 million copies worldwide.

The Netflix animated film “Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild” takes over the world view of the game, set in a world where various species such as humans, nature, and giant monsters coexist in balance with each other, and tells an original story focusing on characters from the “Monster Hunter” world that have never been revealed before.
The main character, Aiden, is the same person as the “Ace Cadet” in the game “Monster Hunter 4” and the “Excitable A-Lister” in the game “Monster Hunter: World”. The film shows the story before he became a full-fledged monster hunter.

The cast members of the Japanese version of the game have been announced.
Aiden, a young man who calls himself a hunter and protects a remote village, is played by Uchida Yuma, Julius, a first-class hunter who belongs to the Hunter’s Guild, is played by Hoshino Takanori, Mae, an intelligent person who is good at observation and analysis, is played by Shimamura Yu, and Nadia, a hunter who belongs to the same guild as Julius, is played by Hayashi Marika, Nox, an animal who looks like a cat, is played by Sato Setsuji, Ravi, the hulking elderly hunter, is played by Sekiguchi Yugo, Gibson, the confident young hunter is played by Otomari Takaki, and Lea, the thoughtful receptionist, is played by Kawasaki Meiko.

At the same time, the dubbed version of the trailer and scene photos were also released. Check out how the characters, who seem to have rich personalities and are not straightforward, will play out in the film…

“Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild” will be streamed exclusively by Netflix worldwide from August 12.

[NETFLIX animated film “Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild” Movie Information]
Running time: 58 minutes
Streaming date: Exclusive worldwide streaming on Netflix from August 12, 2021 (Thu)

Director: Steven F. Yamamoto
Scriptwriter: Joshua Fine
Supervisors: Tsujimoto Ryozo, Fujioka Kaname, Kawano Takahiro, Andrew Alfonso
CG Animation Production: Pure Imagination Studios