The cosplayer Enako has appeared on the cover page and head gravure section of “Weekly Shounen Champion Issue 38”, a weekly shounen manga magazine.

This is the 7th appearance of Enako on “Weekly Shounen Champion”.
Under the head gravure section with the theme of “Eh? Enako!?”, it contains photos of the sexiest Enako. There is also a concept gravure based on the new serialization “Cinderella Nine S”.

The magazine will contain a big double-sided poster, 2 types of the signed summer greeting cards, and a service plan to give all applicants a limited QUO card. As there is also a present campaign, where you can obtain the signed cheki photo of Enako in the baseball uniform, this is literally a publication that can be called the “Enako Largest Extended Issue”.

“Weekly Shounen Champion Issue 38” is priced at 320 JPY (tax included), and it is currently available now.


I was able to appear again thank to the support of all my fans! Thank you very much (Heart)
This time, I am showing my natural hair without using any wig with sexy makeup. But, you can still see the energetic me on the collaboration concept gravure♪