Cosplayer Enako appears in the August 2021 issue of “Photo Techniques Digital” magazine. She is wearing a pure white dress reminiscent of a wedding dress and a swimsuit on the cover and front page of what is the last issue of the magazine.

“Photo Technic Digital” was first published as a monthly magazine in January 2008, based on the bimonthly “Digital Photo Technic”, which was first published in 2005. The August 2021 issue marks the end of the magazine’s 16 and a half year history.

Enako, a regular contributor to the magazine, first appeared in the February 2017 issue. This will be her fourth appearance on the cover, including the May 2021 issue where she appeared with Iori Moe and Shinozaki Kokoro.
The outfits for this issue were three patterns: a pure white dress in the style of a wedding dress, a swimsuit, and a dainty one-piece dress in the style of casual wear. The photoshoot was done by Nemoto Yoshinobu, who has done many photo books and magazine gravures.

In an interview, Enako said, “I was surprised that I could play such a big role on the cover of the last issue, but I was happy to be allowed to “close the door”. If PhotoTech ever comes back to print, please leave “unlocking the door to me!” she said.

In addition, the issue’s popular “Q&A on Portrait Photography” features seven members from the entertainment agency Coprte, which is home to many popular cosplayers and celebrities, including Kashou Roshieru, Kuroneko, Kuriemi, Miyazaki Amisa, Hinokio, Akabane Momo, and Nishiyama Nozomi. Filming and commentary were done by Yoshida Hiroyuki.

The August 2021 issue of “Photo Technique Digital” is now on sale for 1,100 JPY (tax not included).
If you buy it at “Animate”, “HMV&BOOKS online”, “Gamers”, “Shosen (Grande Book Tower)”, “Seven Net”, “Toranoana”, “Melon Books”, and “Yodobashi Camera”, you will get a photo card with different designs (limited quantity).

–How was your shooting experience this time?
Actually, there were a lot of things I tried for the first time in this shoot. For example, I wore a Lolita costume for a wedding-like theme. It’s not often that I get a chance to wear Lolita clothes, but I really liked it, so I was happy. I wore my hair in twin-tails and was photographed looking very cute (laughs). Also, I’ve always wanted to be in a bathtub filled with flowers! And this time, they prepared a lot of beautiful fresh flowers… It was a moment when one of my dreams came true.

–How do you relax during your voluntary stay at home?
Recently, I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures and videos of animals! I’ve been doing a lot of research on rare animals, and I’ve found videos that are about an hour-long, and I’ve been watching them all by myself (laughs). There’s nothing special about these videos, they’re just showing the animal in its daily life, but I really like them, so I just stare at them.