Cosplayer Enako has appeared on the cover and top article of “Weekly Shounen Champion” Issue 34 (Released on July 21, 2021). On the same issue, the new serialization, called “SANDA” by the manga author, Itagaki Paru, known for “BEASTARS” has started.

This is the 6th appearance of Enako in “Weekly Shounen Champion”. Other than being featured on the cover page and the gravure photos on the 15 pages top article, she was also featured on the appendix of this issue, which is a big double-sided poster and 2 types of signed summer greeting postcard. There is also a campaign where a limited QUO card will be given to all applicants.
In another word, this is a “Special Big Feature on Enako”.

The highly anticipated new serialization, “SANDA” has started with a 48 page long edition and a color starting page. It depicts a story about the “Adults” and “Children” in a world where the declining birth rate is increasing gradually.

“Weekly Shounen Champion” Issue 34 is priced at 320 JPY (tax included), and it is currently available now.


The reason I was being featured in various forms is all because of everyone, who purchased it! I am really grateful to all of you (Heart)
Do enjoy spending your summer with me at the beach and pool, as it was really quite fun♪