From the TV anime “Heaven Official’s Blessing”, the overview and scenes from Episode 7 “Shinobiyoru Kage” (Scorpion-Tailed Snake Shadow), broadcast on Sunday, August 15, have been released.

“Heaven Official’s Blessing” is a fantasy anime set in a fictitious ancient China based on a Chinese web novel. It was broadcast on China’s Bilibili from October 2020 and received over 300 million views in total. The detailed story unfolding in a beautiful and mysterious world and the attractive characters drew much attention, especially in Asia.

Episode 7 is titled “Shinobiyoru Kage”.
Xie Lian has been blown away by a sandstorm. He finds a cave and takes refuge with San Lang and the others, where they find a group of merchants including a boy named Tian Sheng. Xie Lian and his friends find a tablet of a general put up by the people of Banyue, but before they know it, they are surrounded by countless vipers.

The vipers are scorpion-tailed snakes that are said to be controlled by the Banyue sorceress. They were able to escape the cave but one of the merchants is poisoned by the scorpion-tailed snake.
In order to find the medicinal herbs that will cure the poison, Xie Lian and the others head to former Banyue, led by the local guide, A-Zhao…

The TV Anime “Heaven Official’s Blessing” Episode 7 “Shinobiyoru Kage” was broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS 11 on Sunday, August 15, 2021.

■Broadcast/Streaming Information
*The length of the anime “Heaven Official’s Blessing” differs between the TV broadcast version and the original version.


TOKYO MX (broadcast version): 9:30 pm every Sunday from Sunday, July 4, 2021
BS11 (broadcast version): 10:30 pm every Sunday from Sunday, July 4, 2021

“Home Drama Channel”: 2:30 am every Saturday from July 3, 2021

Amazon Prime Video: 10:30 pm every Sunday from July 4
ABEMA (broadcast version): 9:30 pm every Sunday from July 4
ABEMA (original version): 12:00 pm every Wednesday from July 7
d Anime Store: 12:00 pm every Wednesday from July 7
*Also streamed on other streaming services.

■Main Staff
Original Author: Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
Director: Li Haoling
Story Editor/Scriptwriter: Chun Li Yōu Ling
General Director: Eom Yu Jeong
Character Design/General Animation Director: Yi Sanmi
Sub Character Desing: Kim Mijin, Park Minjon, Yu Minji, Hong Insu
Cinematographer: Takeyama Atsushi
3DCG Director: Gu Jing
Music: Yang Bin-in
Animation Production: Haoliners Animation
Japanese Version Production: Sony Music Solutions Inc., Aniplex Inc.
Japanese Version Opening & Ending Theme:
Opening Theme: SID “Jiu no Kuchizuke” (Ki/oon Music)
Ending Theme: Amamiya Sora “Freesia” (MusicRay’n)

■Main Cast
Xie Lian: Kamiya Hiroshi
San Lang: Fukuyama Jun
Ling Wen: Hikasa Youko
Nan Feng: Furkawa Makoto
Fu Yao: Kobayashi Chiaki
Pei Ming: Suwabe Junichi
Pei Su: Masuda Toshiki
Banyue: Hanazawa Kana

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