“The Prince of Tennis”, the first theatrical 3DCG animation of “The Prince of Tennis”, will hit the screens on September 3rd. A special video featuring a scene of the song “peace of mind ~Listening to the song of the stars~”, a duet between the main characters Ryoma Echizen and Sakurano Ryuzaki, has been released.

The song “peace of mind~Hoshi no uta wo Kikikinagara~” is the first real duet between Ryoma and Sakurano in the more than 900-character songs of “The Prince of Tennis”. The special video starts with a scene of Ryoma singing the solo part in the background of a stained-glass church at night.

The story of this film is that Ryoma and his friends go back in time to the heyday of their father, Nanjiro. In the video, there is a scene where Ryoma, who has defeated many strong opponents before the National Tournament, is dazzled by the performance of his father in his prime, whom he still cannot beat. In order to find out the reason for Nanjiro’s mysterious retirement, Ryoma and Sakurano decide to work with him.

There is also a scene in the video where Ryoma and Sakurano dance and duet together in a starry landscape. Sakurano is wearing a ponytail instead of the familiar twin-tail braid, and the delicate details of their clothes and hair are fantastically depicted. There is also a funny scene where Sakurano presents a can badge with a cat that looks just like Ryoma’s cat, Calpin, on it.

On the other hand, there is a scene where Sakurano is tied to a chair and shedding tears. In the story, it has already been revealed that Sakurano will be kidnapped, but how will the new character Emerald, played by Romi Park, be involved? In addition to this, there are scenes of Ryoma and Sakurano playing with rackets attached to their legs, as well as fierce battles against Yukimura and other strong opponents. Expectations are high for the tennis scenes in the film as they are expected to be even more spectacular.

The special video ends with a cut of Ryoma and Sakurano smiling at each other in front of the stained-glass windows of the church. Will they be able to overcome their difficulties and return from the past in America to the present? And will Ryoma be able to get to the bottom of Jiro Minami’s retirement? We will have to wait and see where the story takes us.

“The Prince of Tennis” will be released on September 3rd nationwide.

(C) Takeshi Konomi/Shueisha (C) The New Prince of Tennis the Movie Production Committee.