A new video of “Color of Life 2nd Season” has been released. In the video, the voice actor Furukawa Makoto becomes your boyfriend, and you will be able to feel as if you were having a date with him at home.

This video “Color of Life 2nd Season” is the 2nd round of “Color of Life”, a promo video for the release of wireless earbuds “ATH-SQ1TW” in October 2020.

Besides Furukawa Makoto, Ono Yuki, Hanamori Yumiri, Sakura Ayane, Enoki Junya, and Kimura Ryohei, are featured in the videos, where they convey their stories related to earbuds with their “voice”. They respectively play in 6 videos with different settings, such as a “Date with Boyfriend”, “Best Friend”, etc.

The videos started to be released from July 12, and the 6th video features Furukawa-san, with the theme of “Boyfriend’s House”.

Surprisingly, the “House” of your boyfriend, played by Furukawa-san, is his parents’ house! Your boyfriend seems nervous as well as you, and says “You don’t have to be nervous” in a little strained voice. You came to his house while listening to the music with “ATH-SQ1TW” to ease your tension. The earbuds, you have recently bought, are blue. You reveal that you didn’t choose your own favorite color but his favorite color, saying “I thought you would like this color”, and he gets a little embarrassed.

When you’re in such a good mood, his younger brother comes in, saying “Huh? Your girlfriend?”. The cheerful and friendly voice is “Ikebo (cool voice)” that sounds familiar…?

After the “stereotypical” scene that a family member gets in the way when you are in a good mood with your boyfriend, to see him saying “I’m weirdly sweating”, you ask him to listen to the music with “ATH-SQ1TW” to relax together. However, he gets too shy to use the earbuds, remembering the words you said. Such a sweet situation will certainly make you grin!

The video is fixed and recorded to show only the hands, and you can only hear the voice of Furukawa-san (+ his younger brother) in the video. Furukawa-san’s voice solely can convey the situation and the boyfriend’s feelings, but the “hands expressions” make the video immersive even more.

We have introduced 6 videos so far. Did you find a story that makes an impression on you?

Please incorporate “ATH-SQ1TW” into your life, and have a pleasant experience to your eyes and ears.

【Product Name】ATH-SQ1TW
【Release Date】 Friday, October 16, 2020
【Color Lineup】BL(Black), BL(Blue), MU(Mustard), NRD(Navy Red), PBW(Pink Blown), WH(White)
【Price】9,680JPY (incl. tax)